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TD Workload Reduction Aim:- To reduce workload on TD team DMAICDMAIC.

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1 TD Workload Reduction Aim:- To reduce workload on TD team DMAICDMAIC

2 Voice of Customer - VOC Define CustomerCommentsCritical to Quality - CTQs SVP - OperationsIve received feedback from TD team that they are under tremendous work pressure. VP - OperationsPeople in the team are frustrated with the high work pressure in PCR. Head - PCRTDs are not ready to work in PCR due to tremendous work pressure there. They just wait for their shift to get over. They do not even get breaks from work. Team – TD PCRHigh work pressure leads us to remain frustrated all the time. It also makes On-Air prone to mistakes which affects Quality and timely delivery of results.

3 Project Charter Business case ABC Ltd runs news channels under its bouquet and having TDs as part of production chain who have critical role to play in PCR directly impacting On-Air Operations. High work pressure on TD team leads to frustration in team members thereby affects their performance. As a result it makes On-Air prone to mistakes. It has also given rise to the need to hire more people to handle pressure. There is a need to find the root cause and reduce the workload so that additional manpower is not required and reduce the probability of On-Air mistakes. Team Problem Statement Having done preliminary discussion with TD team, it is understood that on an average they work under pressure almost 100 % of the work day (Mon – Fri), which affects their performance, On-Air Quality and timely delivery. To improve their productivity it is essential to find root cause so that workload can be reduced on priority. Goal Statement The goal of this project is to reduce work pressure on TD team of from 100 % to 80 %. Project Scope: In Scope : Rundown, Assignment, Panel Producer, Shift Super, Viewers, MCR, TD, Sound Out of Scope : Reporters, Editing, Feed Anything not mentioned in in-scope. MilestonesTarget DateActual date D1 st May 13 M30 th May 13 A4 th July 13 I6 th Aug 13 C30 th Aug 13 Define FunctionRepresentative Assignment--- Rundown--- Panel Producer--- Shift Super--- TDArvind Choudhary MCR--- Viewers---

4 SuppliersInputsProcess (Process Steps)OutputCustomers Rundown Rundown Sequence Updates Every moment monitoring the changes in rundownLive ChatsViewers Panel ProducerLive Chat InfoPicking the stories including different sots Vos On-Air Quality Rundown AssignmentGraphics Instructions Cross check availability of VO, Chats, SOT, etc. with PanelMCR Shift SuperFootage Making diff windows according to diff sots, chats and vo'sSound Day Plan EmailFrequently Checks what to play next Complaints on On-Air MistakesRecording phonos or footage & trimming Clip IDTrimming & playing time shift id's from content Frequent changes in RundownRecording of Studio Plasmas in break or live Last minute changes in RundownControls Playout System (Aveco) Unclear InformationRouting in aux for walls (Kahuna Vision Mixer) Delayed Information SIPOC Define

5 HT TD Process MCR Panel Producer Sound TD Viewers (On-Air) Define Relationship Diagram

6 Frequent & Last minute Changes in Rundown Brainstorming Results Define Potential Causes of HT TD Workload Unclear Information Delayed Information Every moment monitoring changes in Rundown Too many GFX inputs in one story Frequently Checks what to play next Simultaneous use of both Virtual & Main PCR with same team size Sometimes Command of panel producers not hearable because of chaos in PCR Durations of Sots sometimes are very short (10-15 sec) Unnecessary VOs and SOTs are placed in play list Sometime Vos and SOTs have black in it and not corrected for further rundowns In Live PC no standby VO's given Some GFX take player as default and some don't TD switching as well as playing visuals due to which he can't concentrate fully on switching sometimes Lots of pressure on TD while rolling Live bulletins. No recorded shows in HT due to which pressure remains throughout the day on TD Too many elements in the rundown Dynamic Rundown TD plays everything placed in rundown from his end

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