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ENGLISH IV: Unit 1 Day 15- Thesis and Introduce Paper.

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1 ENGLISH IV: Unit 1 Day 15- Thesis and Introduce Paper

2 Happy Thursday! Do-now: Try the practice subject-verb agreement quiz. When you’re done, sit quietly at your desk. 1. INCORRECT, should be: Everyone, even Sarah, wants to do well on the grammar quiz. 2. INCORRECT: Many of the students are able to pass the quiz. 3. CORRECT: There are two students who aced the quiz and received 4.0s 4. INCORRECT: John and Molly were very happy about their scores.  At the bottom, write how many you get correct. You will hand your practice quiz to me on your way out so that I can check in and see how you are doing on the concept.

3 Announcements:  Outside reading/reflection due: Wednesday, April 2 nd

4 Tip of the Day:  Correct or incorrect? My niece Evelyn always complains that her younger sister, Eleanor, gets more stuff then she does.  INCORRECT: *THAN, not then  TIP #10: In your formal essays, avoid using the words “I” or “you” (or any 1 st /2 nd person language)  INCORRECT: I believe that Tattoos on the Heart is the best book for you to read.  CORRECT: Tattoos on the Heart is the best book for nearly anyone to read.  *NOTE: I AM REALLY BOTHERED BY THIS ONE AND WILL MAKE A BIG DEAL OF YOU USING THIS CORRECTLY.

5 Prayer (Jhon)  Thursday: Daniela, Friday: Irvin

6 SWBAT:  Create an arguable thesis statement

7 Essay… A few main things to note:  Different prompt options– you may choose a DIFFERENT topic besides the ones listed, but you MUST talk to Ms. Stitt to get it approved first (and it must be related to Tattoos on the Heart/gangs somehow)  Requirements:  4-5 pages double spaced  TWO outside sources  Five quotes MINIMUM (and two must be from Tattoos)

8 Talk to your partner…  And tell them everything you know about THESIS statements. You have 30 seconds… GO.

9 Thesis Statements  Central argument of a paper  1-2 sentences at the end of the introduction  Three main components:  argument  2-4 main points or reasoning behind the argument ***REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: Each of your 2-4 main points/reasoning needs to be reasonably ARGUABLE and DEBATABLE (and not too obvious) **Something to think about: Try to ADVOCATE for something rather than just say something is “bad” or “good.” I’ll give you an example in a minute.

10 Thesis Examples– what is the argument and what are the reasons/claims for each? Are they good or bad thesis statements?  War is a horrible solution because it kills people and it costs a lot of money.  Argument: War is a horrible solution  Claims: It kills people. It costs $.  BAD: “it kills people”- not arguable. “it costs a lot of money”- not really arguable.  War is a horrible solution to any problem because it does not resolve the issue and often makes matters worse in other countries.  Argument: War is a horrible solution.  Claims: Does not resolve issues. Makes matters worse.  BETTER: people could argue with these claims.

11 Thesis Examples cont’d:  Women are being taken advantage of in the workplace because they are being paid less than men and they are sexually harrassed more often than men.  Argument: Women are being taken advantage of at work.  Claims: Paid less. More often sexually harrassed.  BAD: Claims are not arguable.  Women should have equal rights to men in the workplace as they are just as capable as men and they often create a more efficient and peaceful workplace.  Argument: Women should have equal rights  Claims: Just as capable as men. Create more efficient workplaces.  BETTER: This ADVOCATES for something, and the claims are arguable.

12 With a partner...  Take five minutes to determine whether the thesis statements on your paper are strong/effective or not.

13 Begin working on your own thesis statement…  I will come around to check how you’re doing on your thesis statements.  Ask your partner if they think your thesis statement is strong or not.  If you finish early, begin looking for quotes from Tattoos that will support your argument.

14 HW:  Thesis Statements– finished by tomorrow!  Read the “Q &A” Section at the back of Tattoos on the Heart and write two things you find thoughtful or interesting from the interview with Fr. Greg.  If you are unable to find anything interesting/thoughtful, explain WHY you did not find anything thoughtful/interesting about it.  Bring an outside reading book tomorrow b/c you’ll have time to silently read.

15 Exit:  Tell me one thing you learned about a thesis statement today. If you didn’t learn anything new, tell me one thing you knew already that was repeated today.

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