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Skill Development Series Business Intelligence COMMUNICATION (importance) Part : 1.

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2 Skill Development Series Business Intelligence COMMUNICATION (importance) Part : 1

3 [ Communication | defined ] The process of transferring message from one to another is termed as communication.

4 [ Communication | defined ] Communication provides a bridge of meaning between the two people so that they can each share what they feel and know. so, any problem in communication can have disastrous effect. Just consider the situation in the next slide... >>

5 উল্টা বুজলি রাম

6 It is not a rare situation to anyone who ever not faced a condition when the receiver RAM ( রাম ) understood wrongly. No matter why RAM understood wrongly. But it matters ‘ he understood wrongly ’.

7 [ Communication | introduction ] Understanding wrongly has devastating effect. Wrong perception of the intended message or miscommunication can damage year old bondage, cause huge financial loss, and even snatch the valuable life also. 1 1 The importance of communication

8 [ Communication | introduction ] In every moment in our everyday life we communicate. Research shows that Individuals spend nearly 70% of their working hours communicating. So it is of no use to say how important the communication is.

9 [ Communication | introduction ] But problem arises when our intended message is decoded & perceived in other way what we have not intended. Surely at that time there may be devastating effect. Just consider these cases.

10 CASE 1 1977, Canary Island

11 [ Case 1 | 1977, Canary Island ] History’s worst aviation disaster occurred in 1977 at foggy Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The captain of a KLM flight thought the air traffic controller had cleared him to take off. But the controller intended only to give departure instructions.

12 [ Case 1 | 1977, Canary Island ] Although the language spoken between Dutch KLM captain and the Spanish controller was English, confusion was created by heavy accents and improper technology. The KLM Boeing 747 hit a Pan Am 747 at full throttle on the runway, killing 583 people.

13 CASE 2 1990, Kennedy Airport

14 [ Case 2 | Kennedy Airport ] In 1990, Colombian Avianca pilots, after several holding patterns caused by bad weather, told controllers as they neared New York Kennedy Airport that their Boeing 707 was ‘running low on fuel’. Controllers hear those words all the time, so they took no special action.

15 [ Case 2 | Kennedy Airport ] While the pilots knew there was a serious problem, they failed to use key phrase – ‘fuel emergency’ – which would have obligated controllers to direct Avianca flight ahead of all others and clear it to land as soon as possible.

16 [ Case 2 | Kennedy Airport ] The people at Kennedy Airport never understood the true nature of the pilots’ problem. The jet ran out of fuel and crashed 16 miles from Kenney.

17 CASE 3 2001, Italy

18 [ Case 3 | Italy ] Bad weather and poor communication paired up again to create another disaster in October 2001, this time at Milano-Linae airport in Italy. Visibility was poor and tower controllers were not able to establish visual or radar contact with planes.

19 [ Case 3 | Italy ] Miscommunications between controllers and pilots of an SAS commercial jet and a small Citation business jet, combined with poor visibility, led to the two planes colliding on the runway. One hundred and ten people died.

20 so So... >>

21 [ Communication | importance ] No matter what is communicated, but it matters how clearly it is communicated. Thus : CLEAR COMMUNICATION IS VITAL

22 [ Communication | conclusion ] Research indicates that poor communication is probably the most frequently cited source of interpersonal conflict. Communication must include both the transference and the understanding of meaning.

23 [ Communication | conclusion ] Thus it seems reasonable to conclude that one of the most inhibiting forces to successful group performance is a lack of effective communication.

24 next N ext... >> what is

25 [ Communication | further reading ] In our next part you will be provided with strategies & techniques to make a successful communication.

26 The end... the end …

27 Business Intelligence

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