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The role of language in business TOK IA by: Nate Sichter.

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1 The role of language in business TOK IA by: Nate Sichter

2 Knowledge Question Is there a difference between "ordinary" people's speech compared to that of successful business men/women? How can language differ from person to person? To what extent can language and paralinguistic cues affect relationships?

3 What is language? How can Language affect our communication? Language ( ˈ laŋ-gwij, -wij) - The system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other It has 2 main components Verbal communication- how we speak to each other. Non-verbal communication- what we don’t say but show through body language.

4 Ex: Wolf of Wall street- 2013

5 Different Ways of Saying the Same Thing This is totally based on where a person grows up There are different ways of saying the same thing, for example: Hello (English) Hello (English) Salam (Aribic) Salam (Aribic) Buena Dia (Spanish) Buena Dia (Spanish)

6 How does this affect business? Business men need to understand where their clients are from and if there are any cultural jesters/sayings that would be insulting.

7 Business Relationships Sometimes relationships are forged and broken through business deals.

8 The Good &The Bad Being able to distinguish different paralinguistic cues is crucial!

9 Conclusion Business men do not have a different way of speaking. Though they normally have a greater knowledge Language and communication have cultural influences Paralinguistic Cues do affect relationships

10 Citations "Wolf Sales Pitch." YouTube. YouTube, 29 Jan. 2014. Web. 15 May 2014. "Secrets of Body Language." YouTube. YouTube, 28 June 2011. Web. 15 May 2014.

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