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Validity of the sacraments and the Grace received through it.

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1 Validity of the sacraments and the Grace received through it

2 What are the situations that hinders us to receive the effect of sacrament?

3 Disposition of the recipient Lack of Proper Disposition

4 Distraction

5 In the case of the sacraments received only ones

6 Holy Order



9 Conscious and unconscious

10 If the obstacle was not known to the recipients

11 Sacrament’s effect of grace as immediate In the Sacrament it includes knowledge except in the case of Baptism

12 Beside from Penance and Baptism The sanctifying effect of Grace is effective to those who are in the state of mortal sin if the recipient is unaware of the obex

13 In the case of conscious Recipient In the case of repeatable sacraments such as Baptism, Holy Orders, Marriage, confirmation -- the Sacramental Character come to effect only if the recipient is in his proper disposition to receive.

14 “in illo, qui fictus accesserat, fit ut non denuo baptizetur, sed ipsa pia correctione et veraci confessione purgetur, quod non posset sine baptismo, ut quod ante datum est, tune valere incipiat ad salutem, cum illa fictio veraci confessione recesserit” in him, the person who deceitfully had appeared, and consequently they can not be baptized again, but the very pious correction and purified with truthful confession, that he could not without baptism, so that what is before the date of, in good health at the time begins to salvation, with the truthful confession that he is gone his fiction

15 Disposition mostly consist of: Repentance The will to receive the sacrament Newness towards God To dedicate one self to God and to others.

16 Justification and sanctification as fruits of the Sacraments



19 A positive intention is the requirement for the valid reception of the sacraments


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