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Douglas College International

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1 Douglas College International

2 Douglas College International Enrollment
Stable Enrollment – Fall 2013 Headcount – 1341 (20% up from F12 of 1117) Countries Represented – 69 (19% up from F12 of 58) 06/04/2017

3 Top 8 Market Countries 06/04/2017

4 Douglas College International - Growth

5 Lower tuition fee What We Can Offer
Small classroom – more class interaction Opportunity to move up to the top Universities through our U/T programs Lower tuition fee Excellent student services – 21 staff members at DCI working for our Int’l students Flexible program choices 2 year diploma/Associate degree 4 year degree 06/04/2017

6 Special Study Option Available
Local Int’l students who have English 12 grades between 55 – 59% are allowed to choose our Early Academic study option. It allows students to take ESL and selected 1st year College level courses concurrently without further assessment. Course plan Example: EASL0360 – Advanced Reading & Writing CSIS1190 – Excel for Business BUSN1198 – Business Explorations I 06/04/2017

7 Questions?

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