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DEALER APPLICATION FORM. QUALITY SYSTEM MANAGEMENT: We have in built quality control & management systems & the company has most modern quality control.

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2 QUALITY SYSTEM MANAGEMENT: We have in built quality control & management systems & the company has most modern quality control equipment & well trained personnel in respective fields. TURNOVER & PLANS FOR EXPANSION: In the next 5years we have set an ambitious sales target of Rs100 Cores plus by 2016. A strategic plan of action has been worked-out to achieve this goal. Firstly our action plan is to develop extensive dealership network phase by phase starting State wise. Growth of channel partner is the thrust of our marketing strategy. We will be appointing dealers at talu ka/ tahasil level in all districts. Each Channel partner is expected to develop many retail outlets under their fold with special emphasis on rural marketing. We also plan to enter the international market & in the process of having strategic marketing partnership with foreign companies. The business is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come. Secondly we plan to introduce innovative products at affordable rates & also enable the customer to get suitable bank loans at subsidized interest rates.

3 SALES PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Each channel partner is expected to cross the target fixed for him & the company will ensure that the dealer does this with planned sales promotional activities, such as, Cable Ads, Road Shows, Advertisement in periodicals, TV, Radio Jingles etc as per the marketing policy of the company. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES OF DEALER: The channel partner policy is framed on the sound principles of the Channel Partner investing only in tangible assets, like free hold/ lease hold property, interior decoration, telecommunication equipment, furniture, stock etc., With this back ground, the channel partner is expected to provide the following: Premises: A channel partner should have Showroom cum Office with signboard having company logo & authorized channel partner. Certificate. Telecommunication Facilities: There should be Telephone, Fax, & E-mail Id for smooth & faster operations. Installation & Servicing: Channel partner should ensure timely installation and after sales services, etc. To the customer. Stock: Sufficient stock has to be maintained as per the sales projection.

4 COMMERCIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS: Company would be releasing product advertisements on timely basis, which will carry the channel partners name & telephone number. Local advertisements, posters & exhibitions, hand bill insertion has to be done by the dealers. Following the company norms. We will provide the general lay out/ art work as per your requirement. Initial channel partner training would be carried out which will cover in-depth knowledge of the products, installations, after sales service & other relevant information. We will provide you the channel partner kit, which will give information for further references i.e., quotation format, technical specifications etc. Initially channel partner has to keep a stock which can be divided into different products as per the requirement of your areas. The major products for stock should be Solar Lantern & Solar Home Lighting System which are fast moving products & can be sold by displaying it on the counter.

5 DEALERSHIP AGREEMENT: A separate dealership agreement will be executed & a draft copy will be sent for your reference. DEALER CERTIFICATE: Dealership Certificates will be issued after the agreement is duly signed. We welcome you to be a partner in our success story INTERNAL DOCUMENT–NOT FOR CIRCULATION & NOT VALID FOR LEGAL PURPOSE

6 DETAILS OF FIRM 1Name of firm 2Address Father's Name PO Police Station 3 Contact Details Ph Mobile Fax E-Mail Web Site 4 Contact Person 5 Corporate StatusPublic Ltd./ Pvt. Ltd./ Partnership / Proprietary DEALER APPLICATION FORM

7 6 What Language Do you speak EnglishHindiOther 7 Type of SchoolName of SchoolYears CompletedMajor or Degree High School University/ College Other 8 Have you ever been convicted with crime YesNo If yes, then explain below 9Area Operations 10Functioning Since

8 FINIANCIAL STANDINGS 1Capital Investment Total :Rs Working Capital :Rs To be invested :Rs 2Name of the Bankers 3Bank Account No. 4C.C.Limit 5Sales Tax Registration Central: State : 6Financial Year Ends on 7 Annual Turnover of the firm 8 Approx Total Value of Fixed/ Variable Assets owned by Firm

9 9Products Handled ProductBrand Monthly Avg. Sales(Last Yr.) Unit Nos.Turnover (in lacs) 10 Consumer, Institutional Financial Facilities 11Any other Business

10 Selling Organisation 1 Name of Shop Incharge 2 No. of Sales Staff 3 No. of Demonstrators/ Canvassers Servicing Setup 1 No of mechanics/ electricians 2 No of mechanics experienced in servicing of Appliances Sales Point 1 LocationResidential/ Wholesale market/ Retail market/ Main road 2Size Frontage: Depth: Total Area:

11 Stock Point 1 Do you have any godownWithin/ Away from sale point 2 Location 3Size Length Width Total area Relatives in the Company If any Sl. No NameDesignationRelationship 1 2 3 4 5

12 DECLARATION: I/ we certify the forgoing information is correct and complete to the best of my/ our knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed. If at any time, I/ we have concealed any material/ information or given any false details, our appointment shall be liable to summary termination without notice or compensation. DATE: PLACE: SIGNATURE / SEAL OF APPLICANTS

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