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Altoona Area High School

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1 Altoona Area High School
Image Area February 2, 2010 Altoona Area High School Interview Tips Building Your Resume Dress the Part Presented by: Walmart

2 Altoona Area High School
How to Build Your Resume/Application Northeast Division

3 Altoona Area High School
Why Should I have a Resume: It gets you the interview Resumes open the door Resumes typically are reviewed for 7-10 seconds before a decision is made Resumes (applications) are a review of education, skills, accomplishments, and experience Northeast Division

4 Altoona Area High School
Basic Rules Be brief but highlight accomplishments – 1 page for less than 5 years Use a standard structure – chronological order Remember presentation is important – typed, heavy bond paper, no borders or pictures – Keep it professional. Northeast Division

5 Altoona Area High School
Format One page for recent graduates Header – Name, Address, Phone Number, address Objective – Statement that expresses your career path and interests Education – listed before work experience, will change with more than 5 years experience. Employment History – if unknown company, one line to describe entity Unpaid employment may also be listed – Volunteer History! Additional Skills References – do not list, rather list “References available upon request: Do not list salary history and requirements Northeast Division

6 Altoona Area High School
Tips and Tricks Get involved – school activities, volunteer activities Gain Employment Form relationships with teachers to create references Read business based books to speak about in an interview Read industry based magazines Do your research about the company before the interview You are displaying yourself – don’t be shy! Northeast Division

7 Altoona Area High School
Write a Cover Letter Cover letters are critically important Note the order of importance of job requirements that reflect your skills Draw attention to your experience, education Add relevant information Never do the following Use a form letter Change the resume to suit the job – change action verbs Never send a resume, application or cover letter without checking spelling, grammar or appearance Never include the following information: age, ethnicity, political affiliation, birthplaces, photos, height, weight or health Northeast Division

8 Altoona Area High School
Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing Northeast Division

9 Altoona Area High School
Interviewing Do’s Research the Company that you’re applying to Bring a professional, not handwritten resume` Dress professionally, remove any facial piercing Bring a paper and pen Have a stern handshake Northeast Division

10 Altoona Area High School
Interviewing Don’ts Do not chew gum, candy or tobacco Do not wear blue jeans, shorts, flip flops or anything offensive Do not over-do perfume or cologne Do not come unprepared Don’t slouch Don’t use poor grammar, slang or swear words Northeast Division

11 Altoona Area High School
Don’ts Don’t say anything negative about the company you’re applying to Don’t make any reference to sexual preference, race, religion, or National origin Don’t get too personal Northeast Division

12 Altoona Area High School
Do’s Use Eye contact Have good posture Smile Speak proper English, no slang Ask two questions, not wage related, such as working hours or immediate supervisor End with a sincere Thank you and a firm handshake Northeast Division

13 Altoona Area High School
Role Play/Skits Northeast Division

14 Altoona Area High School
Questions? Northeast Division

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