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The Thesis Statement Additional notes on how to construct the thesis statement.

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1 The Thesis Statement Additional notes on how to construct the thesis statement

2 The thesis statement as a statement of intent (writer’s intention) O What to do you intend to show in your paper? O What does your paper seek to accomplish? O What is the purpose of your paper? Examples: 1. This paper seeks to study more closely the effects of television violence on Filipino children. 2. This paper aims to show that exercising and dieting produce the most effective results in the treatment of diabetes. 3. In this paper, we intend to prove that yoga is the best possible way to cure heart problems.

3 The TS as a statement of position O What do you believe in? O What do you feel about the topic? Examples: 1. Having the right Internet security software is important because it helps prevent hacking. 2. The computer is efficient in teaching English because it is effective, dependable and entertaining.

4 The TS as a Pro-Con statement O What are the two sides of the issue? O The view in the main clause/ independent clause is the one that the paper needs to prove. Examples: 1. Although the all- protein and all-carbohydrate diets may help adults shed off unwanted fat, they may also promote malfunction of the heart and the nervous system, anaphylactic shock (allergy to protein), and diabetes. 2. Although Western medicine is the commonly accepted method in treating ailments, acupuncture should still be administered because it is proven to be effective in aiding the sick despite the fact that at all times, it needs to be combined with other therapies to be effective.

5 OUTLINING Research Paper Writing

6 What do they have in common? O Blueprints O Itineraries O Lesson plans O Syllabi O All these help make plans better organized.

7 Definition of terms OAOAn outline is a general description, plan or summary. In writing, it refers to a plan of the content of the composition. OAOAn outline sometimes make use of numbers, letters and indentation to show the comparative importance of headings and subheadings which in turn reflect the comparative importance of sections of the composition

8 Definition of terms O A preliminary, temporary or working outline is one that a writer prepares and often changes as a means of organizing and stimulating thoughts on a subject. O The purpose of outlining is to help you organize your ideas and information. O An outline will help you get an overall picture of your paper, and find out how each subtopic relates to the others. It is also considered the backbone of your research paper.

9 Arrange the ff. ideas into an outline. O Disadvantages of Acupuncture O Nature of Acupuncture O Inexpensive Therapy O Unreliable Treatment O Advantages of Acupuncture O Pain Reliever O Risk of Complications O Wide Therapeutic Range O Introduction O Conclusion O History of Acupuncture

10 Tips O Observe mechanical accuracy in terms of format, multiple headings, labeling, indention and alignment. O Make sure that the items are logically subordinated. O Observe parallelism in the structures.

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