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Resources You Can Use!* NORMA J. STUMBO, PH.D., CTRS, FALS

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1 Resources You Can Use!* NORMA J. STUMBO, PH.D., CTRS, FALS

2 Today’s Topics What is a Resource? Professional Organizations
Publishers Journals Agencies/Web Sites Research and Journal Databases Listservs Job Searching Sites Your Turn! 2

3 Resource…. According to the CTRA website: re·source: 1 a : a source of supply or support, an available means -- usually used in plural b : a natural source of wealth or revenue -- often used in plural c : computable wealth -- usually used in plural d : a source of information or expertise In the context of this presentation we are going to explore those factors that allow our practice of TR to be abundant. We will look at those sources that supply the knowledge, skills, and abilities that we need to possess in order to practice TR competently. We will examine those organizations, agencies, and corporations that contribute to the development of the profession And will examine many different ways in which we gather information which contribute to our expertise.

4 Information Needs? Are you looking for new, innovative interventions?
4 Are you looking for new, innovative interventions? client-specific or general information? state or national statistics? other professionals? justification for your services? new job? Each of these questions leads us to seek additional information about TR practice

5 Evaluating Your Needs Best source for my needs? Availability to me?
How often will I need it? How soon do I need it? How much will it cost (time, energy, money)? How much do I trust it?

6 Accessing Information
Personal communication Networking and Mentorship Professional organizations Mass communication Publications Journals, Books, Games, Assessments Internet Life experiences These sources of information are the basic resources of knowledge. Mass communication: books, journals, movies, newspapers, the internet, websites/listserves: how/why do we use the resources? Do we have time to read th

7 Today’s Resources Professional Organizations Publishers Journals
Agencies/Web Sites Research and Journal Databases Listservs Job Searching Sites

8 1. Professional Organizations
Group of professionals who have similar interests and professional aspirations Local, Provincial, Regional, and National Promotion and Advocacy Social Support and Networking Information Dissemination Job Opportunities Publications Continuing Education Professional organizations are made up of people who can share their expertise with others and therefore help our profession grow. They can help professionals work on issues of interest to a particular area of practice. Most professional organizations communicate with members via meetings and websites, teleconferences, etc.

9 1. Professional Organizations
American TR Association ATRA Chapter Affiliates State TR Organizations National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (certification only; not membership)

10 2. Publishers Most publishers offer multiple types of publications
Journals, Trade Magazines, Books, E-Books Each publisher has a unique focus or niche What are your needs? Publisher catalogs/web sites Most have on-site conference discounts

11 2. Publishers Venture Publishing Sagamore Publishing
Addison-Wesley/Benjamin Cummings Human Kinetics Elsevier, Health Sciences Division Aspen Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins Routledge Mental Health Hopkins Technology, LLC Health Communications

12 3. Journals Most focus on “data-based” research Systematic reviews
Practice perspectives Guidelines for submission Becoming a reviewer

13 3. Journals Therapeutic Recreation Journal
Annual in Therapeutic Recreation American Journal of Recreation Therapy Australasian Journal of Diversional Therapy Journal of Leisurability

14 4. Agency Websites Commercial Advocacy Groups Non-Profit Organizations
Professional Organizations Governmental Organizational Educational

15 4. Agency Web Sites Types of websites
Commercial (****.com or ****.biz) Typically product oriented. Aim is to make money from advertising or product sales Governmental (****.gov, **** Operated by government agencies. Information about grants, statistics and facts about research/services Organizational (****.org or ****.info) Typically operated by non-profit organizations and provide information about services they provide to stakeholders Educational (****.edu) Typically operated by colleges, universities and other institutions of learning. Information about course offerings and services provided by specific agencies

16 Examples - Web Sites for TR
National Institutes of Health Department of Education Health Canada - Sante Canada Canadian Health Network Canada Health Portal Coalition for Active Living Active Living Alliance Lifestyle Information Network NewsRx Centers for Disease Control Institute on Medicine Therapeutic Recreation Directory

17 5. Research and Databases
Publishers Organizations Universities Libraries Evidence-Based Research Clinical Practice Guidelines Best Practices

18 5. Research and Databases

19 6. Listservs Listservs Email postings delivered to many people at once
Websites Warehouse of information. Most have information about the organization, services, publications, products, FAQs, external links, contact information Bulletin Boards/Forums/Micro Sites Section of website for post question for other people to read and respond - either through bulletin board or private Chat rooms (Instant Messaging) Section of website for live interaction with other people

20 6. Listservs ATRAnet Florida Therapeutic Recreation Network (FLTRNET)
America On-Line RT Discussion Group Naspe LINKEDIN Assistive Technology and Therapeutic Recreation LinNews Sportime- PETalk + TheraTalk + AdaptTalk Benefits Online ChRec-L Therapeutic Recreation Listserv Child Life TR Study Group

21 7. Job Searching Sites
Agency web sites Chapter Affiliate web sites University web sites Agency Facebook pages ATRA Chapter FB pages University Facebook pages

22 People as Resources Your Turn!

23 Today’s Topics What is a Resource? Professional Organizations
Publishers Journals Agencies/Web Sites Research and Journal Databases Listservs Job Searching Sites

24 Thank You! Have a great conference!

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