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Alma C. Te SPED 503 – Strategy Share 3/13/12

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1 Alma C. Te SPED 503 – Strategy Share 3/13/12
DAMATH Alma C. Te SPED 503 – Strategy Share 3/13/12

2 Does this look familiar?

3 Damath

4 Damath History Damath comes from the Filipino checker board game called “dama” and mathematics. It was invented in 1975 by Jesus Huenda, a teacher from Sorsogon, Philippines who had encountered problems in teaching math using traditional teaching methods. It blends local culture, education, and digital technology that aims to make math teaching and learning student-friendly, challenging, and interactive.

5 Benefits of Damath Aside from teaching students how to play strategically, Damath also helps students to further develop and strengthen their math operational skills (operations involving whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, etc). Students who used to dislike math are actually learning how to use math when they play Damath and in the process learn the subject.

6 The Game Board

7 Basic Gameplay Toss a coin to determine which player will have the first move. Moving a chip means sliding it diagonally in the forward direction. Backward direction is only allowed when taking an opponent’s chip. The two players alternately take turns in moving a chip. Pass is not allowed. After each move, the player has to record his/her move in a score sheet. In taking an opponent’s chip, the taker chip jumps over the taken chip and uses the operation symbol it lands on. A chip is declared ‘dama’ if it reaches the end row of the the opponent. A ‘dama’ chip can slide diagonally forward or backward in any unoccupied square as long as no opponent’s chip blocks its path. If a ‘dama’ chip takes a chip, its score is doubled. If a ‘dama’ chip takes an opponent’s ‘dama’ chip, its score is quadrupled.

8 Basic Gameplay, cont’d…
The game ends if: The 20-minute game period lapsed The moves are repetitive A player has no more chip to move An opponent’s chip is cornered The remaining chip or chips of the players are to be added to their respective scores. If the remaining chip is a “dama”, then its score is also doubled. The player with the greater accumulated total score wins the game.

9 Other Applications Counting Numbers: Countess Damath
Whole Numbers: Damath-in-a-Whole Integers: Damath the Teeny Integer Decimals: Busy Deci Damath Fractions: Damath Over U Prime Numbers: Damath the Old Prime Madonna Fibonacci Sequence: Damath the Fibo Nutty Lady Binary Numbers: Byte-a-Damath Modulo 12: Damath a la Mod Trigonometric Functions: Trig-a-Damath Scientific Notations: Sci-No-Damath Logarithmic Functions: Log-a-Damath

10 Volunteer? Anyone? George?
Let’s Play It! Volunteer? Anyone? George?

11 Useful Websites Online game Damath complete notes

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