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Gestation Stall: Should it Be Changed? By: John Jacobs English 250 Section RN.

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1 Gestation Stall: Should it Be Changed? By: John Jacobs English 250 Section RN

2 What is a Gestation Stall? Holding cell for pregnant sows Traditional Stalls Group Housing Stalls

3 What the conflict? Big pork buyers are banning traditional stalls. They believed that traditional stalls are bad. Most farmers do not want to change. Most farmers don’t like group housing and the cost to change.

4 Pros and Cons of Traditional Stalls Pros o Individual care o Protection o feed rationalization Cons o Physical Effects o Psychological Effects

5 Pros and Cons of Group Housing Pros o Improves animal’s welfare o Freedom to roam o Socialize with other sows Cons o Fights o Cost

6 Mediation Let the farmer decide on what is best for their operation. Studies from USDA Department of Economics shows there are no differences between traditional stalls and group housing.

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9 Response Team Feedback John Jacobs did a fabulous job with his presentation on gestation stalls. We have come up with examples of strength of Jacob’s presentation, as well as an example of weakness. Our group feels that Jacobs’ PowerPoint presentation made great use of visuals and text. His PowerPoint “was very clear and made sense” (Vespestad), and Jacobs “presented clear pros and cons for traditional and group stalls” (Garin). Jacobs made use of “good expanded facts and sub topics” (Garin) to present his mediation to the class. Also, for those of us that were not familiar with gestation stall, Jacobs “included clear, relevant pictures of gestation stalls that helped explain his mediation” (Baer). As far as evaluating Jacobs himself, he “looked organized and professional” (Vespestad). Jacob made his presentation flow well, and “seemed very confident in what he was presenting” (Baer). While Jacobs was very knowledgeable and prepared for this presentation, we as a group he could have projected his voice a bit better. Jacobs’ voice trailed off a few times during the presentation. That aside, he was very prepared for this assignment, and did a wonderful job on educating us on gestation stalls.

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