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By Alex Clark English-250-RK Safety of Nuclear Power.

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2 By Alex Clark English-250-RK Safety of Nuclear Power

3 Background on Nuclear Power Nuclear power has been around since 1951 104 nuclear reactors currently in use by the United States Nuclear power accounts for 19% of total electrical output Currently 594 coal plants producing 57% power for the US

4 Why Safety is so Important Nuclear accidents are very costly Three Mile Island Chernobyl Fukushima Fukushima – provided by Bing Aftermath of meltdown in Chernobyl- Provided by Bing

5 Nuclear Regulations and Safety Extremely important to have strict regulations when dealing with something as powerful as nuclear reactors Very regulated, supposed to withstand any natural disaster The power plants are build like military bunkers, allowing them to take as much damage as anyone can throw at it, and not melt down/be damaged

6 Reasons for Nuclear Energy For only having 104 nuclear plants, it produces 20% of the US’s power. The only deaths in Nuclear energy are when serious accidents occur. FuelImmediate fatalities (1970-92) Who?Normalised to deaths per TWy electricity Coal6400Workers342 Natural Gas1200Workers and Public 85 Hydro4000Public883 Nuclear31Workers8

7 Nuclear Waste Once the Uranium goes through the reactors, it becomes unusable for the next 100 years Radioactive, and must be stored somewhere underground as to not pollute surrounding areas Current methods of storage is encasing the radioactive waste in barrels surrounded by concrete and placed in a asdfasdf asdf underground facility

8 How to use Nuclear Energy Heavier and more strict regulations Fast breed reactors to dispose of waste Currently underdeveloped, but with more research could be the solution to nuclear waste

9 Works Cited Acton J.M & Hibbs M. “Fukushima Accident 2011” World- Nuclear. Mar. 2012. Web. 28 Mar. 2013. Gardner, Chris. “10 Reasons Not to invest in Nuclear Energy”. Center for American Progress. 8 July 2008. Web. 7 April 2013. Karman, Andrew P. “How do Fast Breed Reactors Differ from Regular Nuclear Power Plants?” Scientific America inc. 16 July, 2006. Web. 6 April 2013. Rifkin, Jeremy. “Nuclear Energy: Still a Bad Idea”. 29 September 2006. Web. 29 Mar. 2013.

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