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North Dakota Fighting Sioux Nickname Controversy Ryan Cousineau.

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1 North Dakota Fighting Sioux Nickname Controversy Ryan Cousineau

2 The Dilemma NCAA claims that the “Fighting Sioux” nickname is hostile and abusive They demanded that UND retire their name. If they don’t, their academic and athletic teams will not host or participate in any events

3 The Deciding Tribes The Standing Rock and Spirit Lake tribes Both tribes have to decide to allow UND to keep the name. If not, the university must retire it Spirit Lake supports UND keeping the name Standing Rock has not given a clear statement as to where they stand on the issue

4 Keeping the Name It’s a sacred symbol that is respected and cherished by UND alumni and the Sioux “It’s like trying to abolish Native Americans” – Frank Black Cloud (Spirit Lake tribe) “Getting rid of the Fighting Sioux name would be the most hurtful thing that anyone could do UND and these two tribes” (Lavigne) North Dakota passed a law that the name can only be removed by a majority vote by the public. NCAA still didn’t allow UND to participate in events.

5 Retiring the Name “When you’re right in the middle of it, you’ll see that’s not the way it is. It causes a rift between native people.” (Lavigne) Native American students attending UND often experience racial harassment The nickname is more distracting than productive at times. Some just want it to be over

6 The Middle Ground UND can’t rely on the two Sioux tribes to come to an agreement Allow the public (Including Sioux tribe members and college residents) to vote. They keep the name if the majority votes “yes” and NCAA threats are dropped The threats are kept if the public votes “no” and UND will be forced to retire the name

7 Final Thoughts It doesn’t make much sense for the NCAA to get involved with this issue if the tribes don’t express concern NCAA would probably need to help UND to pay for the removal of logos from buildings and merchandise

8 Citations “UND OK to drop Fighting Sioux name” ESPN GO Associated Press June 14, Web. April 9, 2013 Gunderson, Dan. “UND Fighting Sioux nickname battle refuses to die.” Minnesota Public Radio, February 20, Web. April 9, 2013 Baxter, Blake “Is ‘The Fighting Sioux’ Offensive? NCAA says yes, Sioux tribe says no” The College Fix. Eureka College, March 13, Web. April 9, 2013 Lavigne, Paula “A team-name fight like no other” ESPN GO March 7, Web. April 9, 2013 MacPherson, James. Kolpack, Dave. “Fighting Sioux Name Controversy: Tribe Quiet as North Dakota voters scrap name” Huffington Post June 14, Web. April 9, 2013

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