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+ CDLI Learning Framework June 18, 2014. + Today’s objectives People have an understanding of CDLI and their objectives Introduce the Learning Project.

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1 + CDLI Learning Framework June 18, 2014

2 + Today’s objectives People have an understanding of CDLI and their objectives Introduce the Learning Project objectives Introduce the Learning Project Framework, Outcome Domains Introduce Outcome Harvesting as a tool to support Provide an opportunity to process 7/8/14 3 CDLI Calgary

3 + What is the CDLI? Vision Calgarians act collectively to shape our communities and city. Mission Supporting an environment that strengthens community development in Calgary through learning, engagement and action. Purpose 1. Increase capacity of residents and practitioners to support citizen-led community development; 2. Increase partnerships that support community development learning; 3. Support the development of a collective voice in Community Development practice. 7/8/14 4 CDLI Calgary

4 + CDLI in Action Steering Group Meet ups Evaluation Communication Cohort Learning 7/8/14 5 CDLI Calgary

5 + Learning & Dialogue via Evaluation Flexible and non-linear Useable and useful A Need Surfacing of shared assumptions and approaches Cross-initiative conversations A Hope Evaluation for Learning Evaluation steeped in science logic A Shift 7/8/14 6 CDLI Calgary

6 + What has happened? Advisory committee and consultants have met monthly since December Hosted a community session on Feb 6, where community members shared insight Looked at different evaluation methods and landed on one that seemed to fit Developed a tool booklet, held a training with the pilot sites Elder Service Corps, Solutionaries, CDLI meet-ups, UW/CNS Reflective Practice project Pilots sites spent 6 weeks piloting the tool Feedback session end of April Consultants spending time refining tool and domain framework 7/8/14 7 CDLI Calgary

7 + The Learning Framework Engagement in CD Common Voice on CD Conversations about CD Cross-Initiatives Conversations Learning about CD through practice 7/8/14 8 CDLI Calgary

8 + What is Outcome Harvesting? What is OH? Why we chose it? How is it used? Insights from pilot sites 7/8/14 9 CDLI Calgary

9 + Video 7/8/14 10 CDLI Calgary

10 + Introduction to the Outcome Domain Map Through this project, CDLI presents a conceptual map for CD in Calgary by generating four key “outcome domain” areas. This outcome domain map can set in motion positive action to unify the CD movement in Calgary by constructively engaging critical voices, and different traditions and practices, on issues of shared engagement. It can provide the grounds for dialogues about shared vision, practice and assumptions. 7/8/14 11 CDLI Calgary

11 + The Outcome Domain Map Definition: Communities' expertise and enthusiasm are valued and drawn upon for collective action Possible outcomes: strong and effective community organizations that are responsive Engaged community able to interact with outside world to achieve local change Active demonstrations of citizenship Behaviours: Residents setting the agenda, mobilizing, confidence in community, public engagement, (add more) Possible 'Useable Question': How is the community supported by institutions, systems, organizations (should be specific to initiative, and how did the community influence this relationship? Definition: Changes in social structures, cultural values and norms Possible outcomes: communities become more resilient Change challenges dominant culture Freedom marginalization and oppression Increased economic well-being of residents Behaviours: Fairness, offering equal and equitable chances, mutual obligation (add more) Possible 'Useable Question': In what ways is the community well-being increasing (ie economic, social, environmental, access, etc.) and what did the community do to contribute to this change ? Definition: People coming together to act in shared self-interest. Increased quality of social social interactions and networks Possible outcomes: Relationships of trust and reciprocity Community cohesion and identity Reduction of isolation and alienation Place-making, making public spaces available Opportunity for life-long learning and service Behaviours: Facilitation, inclusivity, outreach, listening, transparency (add more) Possible 'Useable Question':What is the contribution made by members of the community, to the community, and how did we support these contributions? Definition: Individual changes of worldviews and capacities of the self Possible outcomes: people are more confident, have the skills and understanding they need to take action Promotion and support of leadership People strengthen their voice and use their skills Behaviours: self-confidence, communication, leadership and/or engagement (add more) Possible 'Useable Question': What have individuals learned about themselves and community development and how does it have the potential to impact change? Transformationa l learning Community organization and social capital Participaton and influence Social Change and social justice 7/8/14 12 CDLI Calgary

12 + Small group discussions What are your initial thoughts? Feel free to discuss the whole map, or a domain area of interest to the group. What are you excited about? What see as some of the opportunities and barriers for your use of the domain map and outcome harvesting tool? 7/8/14 13 CDLI Calgary

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