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FNBFA Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations.

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1 FNBFA Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations

2 FNBFA Board Representatives of the 6 Member-associations ABPPUM ABPPUM-CE APPUM-CS AUNBT FAUST MAFA Executive President (R. Hudson) Vice President (A-H. Boudreau) Treasurer (D. Bell) Secretary (M. Jones) At-large (L. Lequin)

3 Issues Meet your MLA Transparency Conciliation Boards Wage Constraints University Autonomy Negotiations 2013

4 Meet your MLA: 27 hours of discussion Ministers Martine Coulombe Danny Soucy Mike Olscamp Craig Leonard Claude Williams Madeleine Dubé Marie Claude Blais Troy Lifford MLAs Chris Collins Roger Melanson Victor Boudreau Greg Davis Jack Carr Carl Killen Wes McLean Curtis Malloch Ryan Riordon Sherry Wilson Donald Arsenault

5 Faculty Participating AUNBT: Miriam Jones Jula Hughes David Bell Lucy Wilson Jon Thompson Dorothy DuPlessis Lloyd Waugh Juan Carretero Arthur James Jeff Houlahan Francesca Holyoke FAUST: Mary Lou Babineau Jean Sauvageau James Gilbert Walsh Jean Philip Ranger Bonnie Huskens Paul Burnett Karen Roberts William Forrestall Robin Vose

6 Faculty Participating ABPPUM/CS/CE: Linda Lequin Michel Cardin Robert Baudouin Annie Hélène Boudreau Lacina Coulibaly Hector Adegbidi MAFA: Rick Hudson Christina Ionescu Renate Schellenberg Anita Cannon Mario Levesque

7 Right to Information Requests Law applies to universities Sep 1, 2012 President’s, VP’s, Associate or Assistant VP’s, Dean’s salaries, bonuses, severance pay. Housing allowances Pension plans Separate allowances/gratuities Salary adjustments Compensation adjustments Spending on lawyers Lower salary ranges <$60,000 part-time and full time President’s contracts

8 Spending on lawyers: UNB 2004/2005: $ 228,413.66 2005/2006: $ 335,473.53 2006/2007: $ 206,429.59 2007/2008: $ 219,007.38 2008/2009: $ 222,479.97 2009/2010: $ 847,215.99 2010/2011: $ 792,116.71 2011/2012: $ 553,992.30 2012/current: $ 345,372.31 TOTAL: $ 3,750,501.44

9 Salary: President Mount A 2006/2007: $ 180,000 - $ 204,999 2007/2008: $ 205,000 - $ 229,999 2008/2009: $ 230,000 - $ 254,999 2009/2010: $ 255,000 - $ 279,999 2010/2011: $ 280,000 - $ 304,999 2011/2012: $ 305,000 - $ 329,999

10 Conciliation Boards Issue: use at Moncton (2008), UNB (2010), MtA (2010) Effect on bargaining In November 2010: D. Desroches met with Minister Coulombe, who put a deadline of Jan 31 on the Board In November 2012, DM Tom Mann wrote there was no policy to impose conciliation boards on universities


12 Letter from Tom Mann to R. Hudson As you are likely aware, conciliation boards have been a rarely-used tool under the Industrial Relations Act (Act). Until 2005, no such boards had been appointed under the Act in our province in almost two decades. The appointment of conciliation boards is not a widely used practice in other jurisdictions either.

13 Letter from T. Mann While conciliation boards were appointed for the Universite de Moncton in 2008, and both the University of New Brunswick and Mount Allison University in 2010, in each instance these appointments were done following a careful examination of the individual facts and circumstances in each case with the expectation that such an approach would benefit the parties and help them in bringing about an agreement.

14 Letter from T. Mann Let me be clear that the position of the Department is that the recent use of conciliation boards does not in any way imply the establishment of a pattern with respect to such appointments.... As stated earlier, conciliation boards are and should continue to be a rarely used tool under the Industrial Relations Act.

15 Wage Constraints Feb 14: letter from Premier to University Presidents Feb 18: letter given to AUNBT Feb 19: AUNBT gives letter to FNBFA Feb 21: FNBFA meets with DM of PETL


17 The Constraints In August of each year, Statistics Canada will publish the real GDP figure for New Brunswick for the previous calendar year, and a wage increase of 75% of that figure will be provided in October. … The annual increase is capped at 2% but if real GDP is low, there will be no decrease in wages

18 Meeting with T. Mann Feb 21: R. Hudson, E. Hans, with T. Mann History – Early January: letter sent to public sector unions – Late January: letter sent to crown corporations – Feb 14: letter sent to universities and the greater public sector organisations Constraints are not being imposed on universities: they will not be legislated, and university grants will not depend on following the policy Like in Ontario – not mandatory Letter also sent to other organisations outside Govt. of NB control, such as Atlantic Lotto

19 University Autonomy

20 Negotiations 2013 AUNBT FAUST MAFA ABPPUM-CE

21 The End

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