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THE COLLEGE READY PROMISE The Running Record & Global Scholar: Evaluate.

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1 THE COLLEGE READY PROMISE The Running Record & Global Scholar: Evaluate

2 Shared Norms Participants will Keep an open mind and be solution oriented Actively engage in discussion Assume the best of colleagues Work collaboratively with the interest of sharing and creating best signature practices

3 Global Scholar Objectives 1 Teachers will learn about the changes in the evaluation scoring system Teachers will review the decision making process (Teacher Advisory Panel, Leadership Team, Management) Teachers will practice using the Running Record Teachers will review a sample of the Running Record

4 The Global Scholar-Evaluate System 2011-2012 No option for differentiated observations that could impact final scores S2 scores overwrote all S1 scores 2012-2013 Teachers will be observed informally One indicator will be school wide 3 indicators will be selected by teacher and coach/observer and will be observed twice per semester informally and once per semester formally. Evidence will be scored on a running record Scores can increase or decrease scores by.5 Teacher receives differentiated support and feedback on the most high need areas (additional opportunities for collaboration and conferences with observers) The remaining indicators will be governed by the same rules (S2 overwrites S1).

5 What’s New? The Running Record

6 38 Indicators, 4 levels of performance Framework for Effective Teaching 6 Domain 1 Data-Driven Planning and Preparation Standard 1.1 Establish standards-based learning objectives for instructional plans Indicators A) Selection of objectives B) Measurability of objectives Domain 1 Data-Driven Planning and Preparation Standard 1.1 Establish standards-based learning objectives for instructional plans Indicators A) Selection of objectives B) Measurability of objectives 4 Domains 17 Standards

7 Multiple Measures of Teacher Effectiveness 7 CST-Tested Subjects Non-CST-Tested Subjects

8 A Design To Increase the Opportunities for Support: The Running Record Each score in the running record can impact the overall rating Unannounced and Formal observations can increase or decrease scores by 0.5 Formal observation not part of the running record: S2 overwrites S1. Review the sample below of one differentiated observation and one formal observation. StandardsIndicators Observation Date Mid Year Final Scoring Observer Name Admin1 Observation Type UNF F 3.3 Implementation of instructional strategies A) Questioning Observation Rating121 323 Overall Rating B) Academic discourse Observation Rating Overall Rating C) Group structures Observation Rating 2 3 Overall Rating 2 3 D) Resources and instructional materials Observation Rating Overall Rating

9 Sample Running Record


11 11 Overall Teacher Effectiveness Determination CST-Tested TeachersNon-CST Tested Teachers 30%Teacher SGP25%School-Wide ELA SGP 10%School-Wide SGP for Subject 5%School-Wide Math SGP 40%Average of Teacher Effectiveness Ratings 50%Average of Teacher Effectiveness Ratings 10%Student Survey10%Student Survey 10%School-Wide Parent Survey 10%School-Wide Parent Survey

12 12 Teacher Effectiveness Levels Effectiveness LevelPerformance Band Highly Effective3.6-4.0 Effective3.0-3.59 Achieving2.5-2.9 Emerging2.0-2.49 Entry<2.0

13 Getting Started

14 What’s new? Informal (diff) Observations On the agenda screen. Click “informal observation”

15 Generating a report Provides running record data for your conferences and coaching Select reports, year, school, and teacher Be sure to save the pdf version to view all indicators

16 Sample teacher report

17 Selecting teachers Use the search box or browse the teacher list to select the teacher being observed, click on the corresponding name, and it will prompt you to choose an evaluation section as shown below.

18 Professional Growth Plan To provide support to teachers by focusing on specific professional skills and goals known as focus areas. Currently exists as an uploaded document that should be viewed by observers prior to the pre conference.

19 Formal Observation

20 Lesson Plan Submission Teachers will upload their Lesson Plans, which will need to be approved by the Evaluators

21 Lesson Plan Submission Once submitted and approved, the Observer can go in to download and view the Lesson Plan Teachers should self score with the submission of their lesson plan, before delivery of the lesson

22 Steps 2-4 Lesson Plan Review, Pre-Observation Conference and Classroom Observation: Scoring and notes Narrative/ Quick note input Domains and indicators

23 Self scoring: teachers complete by stage 6 observers view by stage 8 Click on the Indicator Teachers will click on the level in which they think they should be scored Teachers can validate their scoring with notes and evidence

24 Reflection submission Teachers will need to submit their Reflection Evidence prior to the Post Observation Conference

25 Observer Preliminary Scoring Observers score teachers and add in notes on all 38 indicators

26 Post-observation and Informal Observation Conference View evidence, notes, and scores for each indicator

27 Let’s take a look at a sample

28 Now log on

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