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Today you may be the leader. Tomorrow you will be,

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1 Today you may be the leader. Tomorrow you will be,

2 a service by Creating New Ways.

3 What is happening out of there? Do you want to Create New Ways?

4 Creating New Ways Learn Listen Create

5 Listening to what is happening is the source of any learning. Learning is the base of creativity and innovation. Successful business and institutions are those who are open to listen, learn and create new ways for tomorrow’s challenges

6 What is happening out of there? Creating New ways is a service by Economía Creativa Consultancy to provide individual solutions through a journey we embrace with our clients/partners that enables them to value and develop their own story, products and services.

7 What is happening out of there? It is a journey in search for authenticity & innovation.

8 Listen The first step is listening you. Then understanding your business or institution culture, values, internal & external relationships and objectives We do: Socio-economic and culture analysis Market research and competitive assessment In depth interviews / focus groups with consumers, staff, suppliers and other business partners

9 Learn We learn together. We do not give you fixed answers. We do not send you long reports. We work as your partners. We care about building together valuable insight. We do: Workshops and presentations that end in an open dialogue with our partners. We help you to identify and define your challenges We agree the desired development

10 Create ‘Walker, there is not way, you make the way walking’ Antonio Machado, Poet.

11 We help you to transform your business or institution. We work together to generate ideas and make them happen. We support you through all the process. We do: Harnessing creativity and innovation through new organization structure, new ways of thinking and planning the business or institution strategy Critic thinking and content creation linking culture and creativity to your business storytelling Opening up your mind set to new markets, new products, new services and new concepts Create

12 The how We work in partnership with our clients. We become part of their own and pursue their objectives. We walk together. We think flexibility is essential to address everyone needs. So we offer Creating New Ways service in a one by one version You might decide to have an on-going business relationship with us or just for a particular project during a month or a full year. We can become part of YOU through immersions on your day to day activity to understand your internal and external relationships, business model, strengths and weaknesses. We do also mystery shopping to evaluate your service, and to understand your clients behaviour We do workshops to train you in the how to Create New Ways for your institution or business so you can make the most of it going forward.

13 Clients/partners Spanish food importer and distributor to the high end market in the UK. We work with them since 2010 analysing the market and its opportunities and threats, linking the insight to business development through sales, marketing and organizational actions. Collaborating with Miguel Rivas, Partner Director at Grupo Taso economic & business development consultancy and lead expert at URBACT projects (European Union) for creativity and regional development projects. We have just started to search new challenges together with Europerspektywa in innovation projects in Poland and the EU.

14 What is happening out of there? We provoke you to create new ways!

15 Let’s start the walk! We are looking forward to listen, learn and create new ways with you. Contact us: Antonio Ruiz – creative thinker / director Justyna Molendowska – creative thinker / project leader

16 Credits Pictures Listen: Nude. East Sussex (1957) by Bill Brandt Create: Walking. Krakow (2012) by Antonio Carlos Ideas, thoughts & message Economía Creativa Consultancy and You #creatingnewways

17 Great thanks for your time web blog twitter @econmiacreativa@econmiacreativa facebook Office: Edif. Guadalcántara IV, C/Ávila núm. 17 3C, San Pedro Alcántara – Marbella 29670 Málaga – SPAIN Registered in Spain VAT ES78973931G

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