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Casimir III the Great in Rzeszow. Junior High School No 6 originated as a result of education reform in 1999. The Seat of the school is a building in.

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1 Casimir III the Great in Rzeszow

2 Junior High School No 6 originated as a result of education reform in The Seat of the school is a building in Wincentego Pola 1 Street in Rzeszow. From the beginning Middle school shared the building with Primary School No 6 named ORMO heroes, which started functioning from September Both schools shared the same building for some time. 23rd May 2003 Gimnazjum nr 6 got the name of Casimir III the Great. The Ceremony was celebrated by bishop Edward Białogłowski. 31 August 2004 Primary School expired and school year 2004/2005 was the first, when junior high school became the rightful owner of school.

3  Born in Kowal, Casimir the Great first married Anna, the daughter of the prince of Lithuania, Gediminas. The daughters from this marriage were Cunigunde (d 1357), who was married to Louis VI the Roman, the son of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor, and Elisabeth, who was married to Duke Bogislaus V of Pomerania. Aldona died in 1339 and Kazimierz then married Adelaide of Hesse. He divorced Adelheid in 1356, married Christina, divorced her, and while Adelaide and possibly also Christina were still alive (ca. 1365) married Hedwig (Jadwiga) of Głogów and Sagan.  His three daughters by his fourth wife were very young and regarded as of dubious legitimacy because of their father's bigamy. Because all of the five children he fathered with his first and  fourth wife were daughters, he would have no lawful male heir to his throne.  When Casimir, the last Piast king of Poland, died in 1370, his nephew King Louis I of Hungary succeeded him to become king of Poland in personal union with Hungary.  The Great King  Casimir is the only Polish king who both received and kept the title of Great in Polish history (Boleslaw I Chrobry is also called the Great, but his title Chrobry (Valiant) is now more common). When he received the crown, his hold on it was in danger, as even his neighbours did not  recognise his title and instead called him "king of Kraków". The economy was ruined, and the country was depopulated and exhausted by war. Upon his death, he left a country doubled in  size (mostly through the addition of land in today's Ukraine, then the Duchy of Halicz),  prosperous, wealthy and with great prospects for the future. Although he is depicted as a peaceful king in children's books, he in fact waged many victorious wars and was readying for others just before he died.  Casimir the Great built many new castles, reformed the Polish army and Polish civil and criminal law.At the Sejm in Wiślica, 11 March 1347, he introduced salutary legal reforms in the jurisprudence of his country. He sanctioned a code of laws for Great and Lesser Poland, which gained for him the title of "the Polish Justinian" and founded the University of Kraków which is the oldest Polish university, although his death temporarily stalled the university's development (which is why it is today called the "Jagiellonian" rather than "Casimirian" University).  He organized a meeting of kings at Kraków (1364) in which he exhibited the wealth of the Polish kingdom. 

4 In our school there are 540 students and 48 teachers. Lessons are from 7 30 am to 3 10 pm. The school creates the perfect conditions to,earn and socialise for the pupils. We’ve got well-equipped classrooms, computer room with the Internet, gym, football pitch, library with reading room, canteen where students can have healthy and cheap dinners and a medical aid office.

5 Our school organises many clubs and extra activities.Students who attend them can develop their skills and talents.

6 Sports club UKS "SZÓSTKA” makes sure that our students stay fit and healthy. Teenagers take part in basketball, volleyball and table tennis activities as well as dancing classes in Cheerleader’s club.

7 Every Autumn teachers arrange a sally to The Bieszczady Mountains.

8 Our school organises many trips, during which students can take a rest and sightsee the most interesting parts of our country.

9 In the end of each school year we throw a party which is devoted to promoting foreign languages among teenagers, called Foreign Languages Day

10 Third grade graduates celebrate the end of their education in our school with the prom called „Komers”.


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