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Fifth Annual QUIKLOOK Users Group Meeting

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1 Fifth Annual QUIKLOOK Users Group Meeting
Introduction Testing Valves in Asia Fifth Annual QUIKLOOK Users Group Meeting

2 Stock options are overrated ….

3 China 12 Plants under construction All Westinghouse AP1000 (Advanced Passive) 50% less safety related valves 80% less piping 85% less cable Haiyang Site 6 reactors Sanmen Site 6 reactors About 16,000 megawatts total

4 China Westinghouse did a technology transfer to the Chinese for AP1000 Signed contract with Westinghouse Cannot market the AP1000 outside of China Scaled up the AP1000 to AP1400 Marketing AP1400 outside of China

5 Conceptual View AP1000

6 Taiwan Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant GE ABWR (second built, first is in Japan, biggest nuclear plant in the world) 2 units 1350 megawatts each Fuel load planned for April 2012 (Unit 1) 9.2 Billion USD (may never start) 4 years behind schedule

7 ABWR Reactor

8 Lungmen/GE valve spec specified stem mounted strain gages on all safety related MOVs
Lungmen plant has 400 safety related valves 200 per unit No valve testing required prior to shipping valves to Taiwan

9 Westinghouse spec for valves in China included diagnostic testing prior to shipment
For MOV For AOV For BOP The spec was tailored for stem mounted strain gages QSS SMARTSTEM

10 China / Taiwan Taiwan Waited to perform diagnostic testing
Basically waited for US to do the research Then wanted testing done for ½ price Taiwan Does lots of valve and actuator maintenance Based on schedule Maintenance work quality is poor Use incorrect grease Don’t do many stem lubes

11 The first 4 units (2 at each of the China sites) big valves were procured by US valve companies
Flowserve Velan Weir The big contract went to Flowserve Gates Globes MSIV

12 The remaining new plants in China
Most valve contracts went to in country companies Shentong Valve (own Quiklook) Sufa Shenjiang Valve (will purchase) US companies bid but can’t compete Valves built in China are low quality Use cheap actuators They don’t understand weaklink Required thrust determination is not standard

13 Roger and I hosted a seminar in China last year and invited:
Flowserve Automatic Valve Top Works Curtis Wright (EGS connectors)


15 Teledyne has signed up a China Distributor
Chance Development (H.K.) Limited They are pushing Quiklook/QSS in China Company President is former Nuclear employee

16 Velan Had Quiklook for a number of years Flowserve Bought Quiklook in 2009 Weir Bought Quiklook in 2010 Taiwan Power Using Quiklook since 1994

17 China Valves (AP1000) All valve tested static and “DP” before shipping 20 to 30 strokes required per valve Reduced and nominal voltage Actuator sizes are very conservative All SR MOVs are DC BOP all AC


19 SMB-3-150 on an 8” gate valve (Flowserve)

20 36” MSIV Gate Valve

21 Taiwan Power Company Used ACE 3.0 Used ACETest Used Quiklook
Teledyne awarded contract for AOV Program (Turn – Key) Design Basis Calculations Weaklink Analysis Static Testing Dynamic Testing Used ACE 3.0 Used ACETest Used Quiklook

22 AOV Scope 68 valves 68 static tests 6 dynamic tests TPC I/C Staff Very limited valve experience Do not understand testing They kept asking me about torque switch settings??

23 TPC is slowly adopting how we do business
Just began using safety glasses/shoes Use pre-job briefs Called TBM Tool Box Meeting

24 The TBM ….

25 First time TTS used Windows 7 for the Quiklook operating system
XP software difficult to obtain Future system will use Windows 7 Discovered weakness with I/P circuit New board is in Engineering

26 Valve population included
9 Fisher actuators 25 Automax for quarter turn valves 34 Valtek Valves were very high margin Most valves have no regulators Full air pressure Actuator nameplate indicated 100 psi max Measured 120 psi

27 Valve Pics - Automax

28 Valtek (on-off)

29 Fisher – 3-Way Control Valve

30 MSIV in DW

31 Testing with QLII

32 Intake Structure

33 Questions?

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