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EL BARRI DE GRÀCIA GROUP 5 Maria Calero Helena Corominas Júlia Monzón Erika Romero.

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1 EL BARRI DE GRÀCIA GROUP 5 Maria Calero Helena Corominas Júlia Monzón Erika Romero


3 INTRODUCTION The neighborhood of Gràcia was a small independent village of Barcelona until 1897, when it was absorbed. So, when you walk through the streets you will see lots of squares, each one with his story: Plaça del Diamant, with his literary remains, Plaça de la Villa, with its magnificent bell tower, Plaça Virreina, with its modest but beautiful church, Plaça del Sol, full of young people, bars and cafes... In total more than 15 squares that concentrate leisure of one of the most dynamic and desirable districts of Barcelona.

4 In Barcelona there are lots of parks. In Gracia we can find Parc Güell and Parc de la Creueta del Coll and just after passing Eixampla district we can find Jardinets de Gràcia

5 There are few modernist houses in Gràcia, like Casa Fuster. It’s a modernist building designed and created by Lluís Domènech i Montener, a famous architect of Barcelona. That building was a comission of Consol Fabra Fuster, she had to live there. Nowadays is a 5 star hotel situaded at the end of Gran de Gràcia street.

6 SQUARES PLAÇA VIRREINA The square was created as such in 1878. Being in the center of the neighborhood is usually always quite busy and some Sunday mornings are organized markets where you are put on sale almost any item imaginable secondhand, usually craftsman.

7 PLAÇA LESSEPS It’s a square serving as the border between the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Gràcia district of Barcelona, loosely divided in two parts. One of the most heavily transited squares in the city. he square is dedicated to Ferdinand de Lesseps was a French diplomat French consul in Barcelona, famous as the builder of the Suez Canal.

8 PLAÇA DEL SOL It's another classic spaces in the neighborhood, occupied by the day by citizens who walk, read or take something on the terraces and the odd busker encouraging environment. In the square you can still see an old garage on one side and, just on the other, stands the sculpture called Astrolabi Joaquim Camps. Represents a sundial with the twelve signs of the zodiac

9 PLAÇA DIAMANT The Diamond Square (La Plaça del Diamant) it's a square of the district of Gràcia. It's famous because a famous writer called Mercè Rodoreda wrote a novel with the same name. In honour of this novel there's a statue of Xavier Medina-Campeny who represents the main character and his doves, which its name is "La Colometa". There are some refugees of the Civil War under the squares. They were used to refugee of the bombs. You can visit them if you want.

10 PLAÇA REVOLUCIÓ While you're walking through the square you can be surprised because there are some letters written in the floor. They are quite separate and it seems that there's no connexion between them. Actually, there's a connexion. In the right side of the square from north to south, it can be read REVOLUCIÓ (REVOLUTION in English). There are some refugees in this square too.

11 FESTA MAJOR DE GRÀCIA It is the largest annual festival in the town of Grace. It is celebrated for a week from August 15. In addition to traditional competition garrison streets, which strengthens prizes contests there latest garrison balconies and portals. Besides the contest streets other activities. The most common actions are castles, dancing, giant meals neighborhood and concerts.



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