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Instructor: Dr. Truong Thi Kim Chuyen Weblog:

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1 Instructor: Dr. Truong Thi Kim Chuyen Email: Weblog:

2 World Economic Geography Paul Knox (2008),The geography of the world economy, Routledge; 5th edition Neil M.Coe, Phillip F Kelly, Henry W.C. Yeung (2007), Economic Geography, Blackwell Publishing Readings: Fellmann – Getis - Getis (1998). Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities. Brown & Benchmark.

3 Course Outline The geography of the world economy Economic Geography Conceptual foundations 01/ Conceptual foundations Page 1-25 Dynamics of economic space 02/ The changing world economy 04/ Patterns of Development and Change 05/ Services going global 03/ Commodity chains Page 87-115 04’/ Technology and agglomeration Actors in economic space 10/ International and supranational institutionalized integration 06/ The state Page 187-219 07/ The transnational corporation Page 223-251 08/ Labour power Page 254-281 09/ Consumption

4 03/ C OMMODITY CHAINS – WHERE DOES YOUR BREAKFAST COME FROM ? Aims: To demonstrate how capitalism serves to conceal the conditions of commodity production To introduce commodity chains and their basic components To appreciate the differentiation of commodity chains in terms of their structure and geography To recognize the possibilities for, and limitations of, more ethical ways of organizing commodity chains

5 C OMMODITY CHAINS complex geographical journeys How the notion of the commodity chain allows us to chart the complex geographical journeys taken by commodities, as they are transformed from initial raw materials and ideas into finished products and services, thereby serving to re-connect producers and consumers. producers and consumers The connections between distant producers and consumers Value-addedGlobal cities Value-added activities (design, marketing.etc..) in Global cities Social relations More dynamic Strategic alliance relationships Inter-place competition many actors – states, firms, workers and consumers The commodity chain is an extremely important intergative idea that allows us to reveal the interconnections between the many actors – states, firms, workers and consumers.

6 Commodity chain is not simple about manufacturing processes; many of the inputs to the chain, and many of the final commodities produced, will take the form of intangible services.

7 U PGRADING STRATEGIES IN GLOBAL COMMODITY CHAINS Process upgrading Product upgrading Functional upgrading Inter-sectoral upgrading











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