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Revised Discovery Education Schedule as of Oct 30, 2012 Located- * Testing Binder * Lead21SSMS Assessment News- Discovery Ed Tab.

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1 Revised Discovery Education Schedule as of Oct 30, 2012 Located- * Testing Binder * Lead21SSMS Assessment News- Discovery Ed Tab

2 Revisions to Schedule * SCPS Model of Teacher Managed Progress Monitoring * Testing Days are Tues & Thurs * Make Up Days are Wednesday * 10 Testing Days instead of 25 * More instructional time between testing * Media Center Open for Students * Utilizing our laptops in the classrooms * Replicating FCAT testing atmosphere

3 Progress Monitoring Through Discovery EducationTesting Period 2 TuesdayWednesdayThursday Week of 11/5:11/06/1211/07/1211/08/12 Pintok/KirkmanHernandez 6/8 Pink = Classroom 30 Laptops Rm 33325 laptops Rm 303 Rincon/ Morris (CT)Kutner 30 Laptops Rm 23525 Laptops Rm 023 BrantleyPoirierMcEvoy Blue = Media 22 Media11 Media22 Media Siff (CT) 7 Laptops Media Make Ups Kiefer Kornya 22 Media Week of 11/12:11/13/201211/14/201211/15/2012 Jackson Hendry Pink = Classroom 25 Laptops Rm 23925 Laptops Rm 319 FossittLoud 25 Laptops Rm 20425 Laptops Rm 221 Ramos Make UpsGonzalez Blue= Media 15 Media Media 15 Media Wilson Bradley 25 Media 22 Media Perez (CT) 6 Laptops Media

4 One Week Before- * Review Computer Lab schedule - located in Testing Binder and Lead21SSMS blog- Assessment Tab- Discovery Ed tab- *Log in to- � * Click on Manage your Classes to view, modify, add or remove students in your classes. Verify all of your class rosters and print out for each period. * If you are a Co Teacher you will be responsible for the students on your class rosters. � *Use the seating chart in your binder to assign computer stations for each student. You will have access to every other station. * Lang Arts have green seating charts, Math have blue, classroom laptops have pink.

5 One Day Before- * Print out the class rosters for each class and the seating chart. * Remind students to go straight to the Media Center tomorrow, turn off cell phone and put in backpack, place backpack on the tables, and sit at assigned computer station to be ready asap. * Place sign on your door reminding students you will be in Media Center. Teachers who are testing in classroom--- * Mary Chavers will deliver your laptops the morning of testing and log into discovery ed. If screen runs out of time- have students log in again to Log in- ssms- testing password- test * Math/Science teachers- pick up Reference Sheets, calculators, pencils and scrap paper from Diane Taylor Room 16 front office #31305 8:30 am or on plan

6 Day of Testing- Before going to Media Center--- � * Log into * Go to Assessment, then Start a benchmark assessment. You will be able to print your student log in codes from here. Each class period has a different student log in code. * Print out the Student Log In Codes for each class. * Co Teachers have their own class roster and student log in codes. * Verify you have your testing binder with class rosters, seating charts and student log in codes ready when you go to Media Center. * Each teacher will be responsible for monitoring the computers for careful use. * Report any malfunctions to Mary Chavers and any breakage to Mia Coleman-Baker

7 Day of Testing- When you arrive at Media Center--- * Write the log in code for period 1 on the white board. (Revise each period) � * Monitor students as they find their assigned computer stations. * The reference sheets, pencils, scrap paper and calculators are located on front table in Media center. Pass out to your students. * Have students log in to Discovery Ed. (First name Last Name) * Read script aloud to students. (Located in testing binder) * Remind students that before they sign out to raise their hand so you can monitor that they are clicking finish instead of exit. * They do not have to answer questions they are unsure of the answer. * Record start and stop time on the seating chart.

8 Key Points- * DE Progress Monitor is designed for 45 minutes but students have up to 60 minutes. * If students are not finished with test, allow them up to the total 60 minutes. * Media Assistants are able to write passes to next class for the students at the counter. * Keep track of students absent/ or unable to stay for up to 60 minutes for Make Ups on your student roster. * Have students return all materials to counter when finished and sit quietly at tables on right side of Media while others test. * Please maintain testing atmosphere at all times. * Send students to Building 3 restroom individually and with a pass.

9 Day after Testing- * Monitor student roster for scheduling make ups. * Keep class rosters and seating chart in binder in case of test abnormalities. * Email M. Chavers the names of students per period who will be attending make ups on following Wednesday. Wednesday Make Ups � * All Make Ups will be in the Media on the following Wednesday. * Wednesday morning, redo procedures for day of testing. � * For each period you have students that need to make up test- 1. Start a benchmark assessment. 2. Print out the student log in codes for each period. 3. Fill out the Discovery Ed Make up tickets completely and send student to Media Center during your class period. (Binder) 4. If student is absent again on the make up day, repeat procedures for next make up session. All make ups must be completed within the testing window. 5. If you are absent on Make Up Wednesday, call Mary to reschedule.

10 Resources- Lead21SSMS- Assessment News tab- Discovery Education tab- Teacher training power point includes: � How to log in to Discovery Ed � How to manage your classes � How to start a benchmark assessment � How to view a benchmark assessment Quick Reports Guide Discovery Ed Levels of Proficiency Frequently Asked Questions * If you forget to keep track of your student roster, pull Teacher PDF report- screen shots included in your testing binder.

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