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Easy Pickem Sports. Friends. Fun. Graeham Ford-Feliz

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1 Easy Pickem Sports. Friends. Fun. Graeham Ford-Feliz - @GraehamF
Dehlia Ford-Feliz Andrew Gee

2 We don’t have enough time to enjoy sports with our friends.
Sports fans don’t have a dedicated outlet in the mobile space to have fun being sports fans.

3 Why is Easy Pickem the answer?
It takes 30 seconds and you’re a player in the game. It is a dedicated outlet for friends to smack talk about sports. Delivering happiness, fun and WINNING.

4 Easy to play A Super Social Game

5 Our traction is strong, ~40% engagement consistently
Currently we are Beta Testing with ~50 users

6 Total Fantasy Sports players 2013
33,500,000 Average spend/player in 12 mo $111 Top level yearly spend $3,718,500,000 Fantasy Sports Growth Rate (year over year, past 5 years) 11.7% Fantasy Football growth rate 48% % of TOTAL NFL revenue 1/10th Mobile Use Fantasy players that use mobile 30% Check scores online 69% Make moves/trades 44%

7 Pickem Apps – Startups Easy Pickem Pickem Apps – Two Frontrunners Fantasy Sports Apps (It’s crowded!)

8 Revenue ADVERPRIZING KIIP API integration In App Game Mechanics Targeting the enterprise

9 Financials CAC = $217 Anticipate 1,500 customers added Estimate of $325K spent on marketing LTV = $667 $ Spend of $100 per customer Churn = We anticipate 15% TAM = estimate $30M annually between segmented Office, Hardcore Fantasy Sports players

10 Marketing Strategy We are reaching out directly to influencers in the sports industry Youtube, google adwords, FB, IG ads We are targeting the Enterprise & Small Business Market

11 Team Graeham – Developer, CS major, Space X, EA Sports, prior startup experience Dehlia – Youtuber, Marketing in sports, Ex-pro tennis player, prior startup experience Andrew – UC Berkeley MBA, EP is his third startup

12 The Raise We are looking to raise a seed round of $900K Add a developer, add a marketer Marketing expenses both traditional and paid customer acquisition costs

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