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2 Contents A. Field Projects - General B. Field Projects S-543 and S-532 2

3 A. Field Projects - General You have to register for one of three Field Projects: – Financial Markets and Services/ECONS-532 (P. Francotte) – European Regulation/ECONS-533 (A. Estache) – European and International Business/GESTS-543 (E. De Keuleneer) Deadline for registration is Monday February 18. No more than 16 students per FP. Pre-requisite for ECONS532: having taken ECONS528. 3

4 Purpose of Field Projects Put you in a context similar to a stage in a company either as an employee or as a consultant: – you will be asked to produce and present a report containing analyses and recommendations. Help you learn how to prepare a report, like in a real professional environment, including: – how to interact with your « employer » – how to work in team with « colleagues » under set deadlines – how to produce a report and make a presentation that meet the objectives of your audience. 4

5 Real life setting An important facet of what you will learn is to manage the complexities of operating in an uncertain environment and limited control over time and resources, such as: – Managing the expectations of an « employer » (Professor), – Working with colleagues (fellow students in your team or other teams) who can help or hinder your objectives, – Seeking to analyse situations: with incomplete or uncertain information and data, and yet having to formulate useful conclusions and make clear recommendations, within a timetable that is typically constrained. 5

6 Practical tips See Prof. Estache’s power point presentations in the context of his 2012 Field Project on European Regulation: – Business Economics Workshop – Overview. – How to write and economics paper. 6

7 B. Field Projects S-543 and S-532 1. Common Theme 2. Theory 3. Report and presentation 4. Grading 5. Case studies 6. Timetable 7

8 1. Common theme: EU Regulatory Assessments Both FPs on a common theme: – EU Regulatory Assessments. – Prof De Keuleneer will focus more specifically on M&A and – Prof. Francotte more specifically on financial regulations by EU. Common « Theory » part for both FPs: – joint presentations by EDK and PF – joint presentations by external experts. « Report » part will be distinct for each FP (by case study), but will be coordinated. 8

9 2. Theory Five lessons, but with heavy « practical » emphasis. Purpose is: – to give you basic background to prepare the report – NOT to review all theory you are supposed to have already acquired Includes: – Lessons by Prof. De Keuleneer and Francotte – Review of real EU regulatory and/or merger cases, with external experts (e.g., banker). 9

10 3. Report and presentation Your final output is a written report and an oral presentation of the report to a panel that includes your two professors and some external experts, in front of the whole class. You will prepare an outline and get input from your Professor on a draft of this outline so as to ensure you are on the right track. 10

11 Work in teams Each student will be part of a team. Each team will play a specific role in the case study. – Roles to be clarified by Professor for case study – Allocation of roles will depend on the number of students registered for each FP. 11

12 Output of teams Each team will have to: – prepare an outline – submit a report – make an oral presentation with the support of a power point presentation. 12

13 But with individual input Each member of each team will have to: – take the lead in a specific part of the report – present the corresponding part to the panel – answer specific questions from panel. Accordingly, your grade will be a combination of a collective grade for your team and an individual grade for you within your team. Precise rules will be clarified later and may vary according to Professor. 13

14 Outline 3 page note indicating the structure of the report and including a preliminary bibliography of relevant documents. To be submitted to the Professor for the relevant FP by Monday March 4. Must include the basic storyline of the report, indicating the next steps in terms of work to be done and the timetable for it. 14

15 Report Max 20 page paper for each team. Providing analysis of issues and making recommendations. Details to be provided later on the contents and format of papers (including bibliography, structure, etc). 15

16 Presentation Each team will make a presentation – summarizing key points of the report, – supported by a power point presentation. Presentation to a panel playing the role of « decision-maker » on the recommendations. Presentation in front of full class. – Classmates (from other teams and even other FP) will be prompted to ask questions as colleagues would in a real life professional environment. 16

17 Panel Panel will ask probing questions as a decision-making body would in a real life environment. Panel will include: – Professor for TP (chairman of panel) – Professor of other TP – External experts (e.g., strategic consultant, banker, investment banker, other professors). 17

18 4. Grading You will be graded by the Professor of your FP. Your grade will be based on: – the outline, – the report, – the oral presentation and supporting PPT – Potential upside for active and productive participation in class and during presentations Assessed like in a real life working environment: – the technical substance of the output, but also – the quality of the argumentation (how convincing, presentation, structure, etc), – autonomy from the Professor and effectiveness of interaction with teammates in the preparation, and – your ability to meet deadlines. 18

19 5. Case studies Different case studies with different orientations: – Financial regulations for ECONS532 (PF) – Industrial and financial M&A for GESTS543 (EDK) Your choice of FP determines the choice of case study you will be working on. 19

20 Case study for Financial Markets and Services Assessment of one of following European Commission proposals/decisions: – Financial Transaction Tax (EU-27 + EU-11), – Merger NYSE-ENX with Deutsche Börse – Short Selling – Basle III Liquidity Ratios (LCR and NSFR). 20

21 Case study for European and International Business Assessment of one of the following M&A transactions which have been subjected to European Commission review: – Ryanair - Aerlingus – Linde - BOC – Fortis - ABN AMRO – UPS – TNT. 21

22 6. Timetable Theory Case studies 22

23 Theory Dates: – February 6 – February 13 – February 20 – February 27 – March 6 – March 20 All from 10:00 to 12:00 in R42.4.104 Attendance from all students of both FPs. 23

24 Case studies 18/02: Selection of TP/case study by students 25/02: Final allocation of students to FPs by Professors and constitution of teams and terms of reference by team. 25/02 onwards: guidance sessions with Professor. 04/03: Submit draft outline to Professor. 11/03: Feedback on outline by Professor. 17/04 to 08/05: Presentations on case studies. 24

25 Case studies presentations 6 slots currently available for presentations 1 hour for each presentation, including Q&A): – April 17 10:00 to 12:00 16:00 to 18:00 – April 24 10:00 to 12:00 16:00 to 18:00 – May 8 10:00 to 12:00 16:00 to 18:00 Students to choose their preferred slot by 04/03. 25

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