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Expressions and Equations

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1 Expressions and Equations
6.EE.3 Distributive Property

2 Looking at Area Area of a rectangle can be written as an expression of the length x width or lw. One or more of the dimensions may even be represented with a variable. Write the expressions for #1-7 on your worksheet.

3 Looking at length The length of a segment that has two parts can be written as a sum…. Complete # 8-10 on your worksheet.

4 Putting it Together The area of a rectangle made of two rectangles can be written two ways: As a product written as the expression w (l + l) As a sum of the two rectangles lw + lw Complete #11-13 at your tables and compare answers.

5 The Distributive Property
The Distributive Property allows us to write equivalent expressions:

6 Practice and Apply Try this: Use the distributive property to rewrite each as a sum. #14 4(x + 7) = #15 7(x - 3) = Now complete #16-21 on your own. Your teacher will tell you to change questions #16 and #20. Listen carefully!

7 Applying the Distributive Property

8 Another Example

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