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You Read, I Read, E Read Using eReaders in the Elementary Schools By: Julianne Kaye & Keri Reaney Hunt Meadows Elementary School Spring 2014 EDMODO CODE:

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1 You Read, I Read, E Read Using eReaders in the Elementary Schools By: Julianne Kaye & Keri Reaney Hunt Meadows Elementary School Spring 2014 EDMODO CODE: zu3s5x

2 What is an e-reader? A device for reading content: e-books, newspapers, magazines and documents. Typically have wireless connection for downloading content. E-readers main advantage is that is portable, hosts thousands of books, has a long battery life and is easy to read in the sunlight or at night time. Usually less expensive than a tablet.

3 Who Uses e-readers? The number of e-readers sold globally in 2011 was 14.7 million. North America Accounted for 4 mission e-reader sales in 2010, or nearly two-thirds of the worldwide total. According to the School Library Journal, February 2013, The number of kids reading eBooks has nearly doubled since 2010. “We are seeing the kids today drawn to both print books and ebooks, yet e-reading seems to offer an exciting opportunity to attract and motivate boys and reluctant readers.

4 Why should we use e-books?? Cost less than paper books Can be updated easily Provide the ability to be interactive Not as heavy as lugging books around Font resizing and text to speech are available The e-book library is never “lost”! Multiple copies under one username Helps reduce pollution = less mess for the landfills.

5 Popular e-readers Barnes & Noble’s Nook Amazon’s Kindle Kobo Sony Reader PocketBook

6 Kinds of Nooks Nook Simple Touch Nook Simple Touch GlowLight Nook HD Nook HD+ 9 inch Some Nooks may be found refurbished for a less expensive cost.

7 Kinds of Kindles Kindle Kindle Paperwhite (3G wireless) Kindle Fire Kindle Fire HD Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (4G LTE wireless)

8 Where can I get e- books? Overdrive (public library or school district) Mackin Via (ask your librarian) Follett Library (ask your librarian) Gutenberg Project (Free classic books) Diesel e-book store ( Bookbub ( Barnes & Noble Amazon iBooks Many other companies offer limited license and unlimited access e- books.

9 BookBub

10 Why did I choose Nook? Partnership with Barnes & Noble – a physical place. Barnes & Noble will manage 10 or more devices with an open PO Up to six devices can be set up under one account. ( Purchase one e-book and it will download to all 6 devices) The refurbished Nooks cost less with the same warranty. Barnes & Noble has over twice the number of titles available as Kindle The ability to go to a “place” and talk to a real person to get help or ask questions. Personally I liked the Nook App better than the Kindle App

11 How I Got Started Robbie Van Pelt Grant through Greenville County Schools. PTA match Support from school and principal Barnes & Noble came and helped promote and train.

12 Barnes & Noble Training Day

13 How Bethel Used the Nooks Year 1 10 Nooks were checked out to a different grade level each month. Nooks were checked out with power strip, power cords, cleaning cloth and solution as well as Nook Recording Notebook Second set of Nooks were checked out to individual teachers showing interest for 1 grading period. Each teacher was provided $20.00 worth of apps and books for download. I also put some SC Nominees on the Nooks

14 How Bethel Used the Nooks Year 2 30 Nooks Total Puchased Nooks were checked out in sets of 5 to a teacher for 1 grading period. Teachers signed up on a google doc in the summer and knew what grading period they had the Nooks. Each teacher was provided a monetary amount to add apps or books for their grading period. List of ebooks on each device posted on a google doc linked to my website.

15 2 nd Grade: Mrs. Bennett Mrs. Bennett said, “ I primarily use them during our self selected reading time. It is one of the centers. Students LOVE using them. I also use them for early finishers.”

16 Mrs. Sutton’s Resource Class Mrs. Sutton used 4 Nooks for a 2 week time period to have a small group read a Geronimo Stilton Book. Students used the Nook Apps to reinforce math and reading skills.

17 Mrs. Seabrook: Kindergarten Mrs. Seabrook used the Nooks during center times. Students played basic math and reading games using the apps and listened to stories read aloud.

18 Mrs. Gregory: 3 rd Grade Class Mrs. Gregory had two Nooks she used for a grading period for the Star students each week. They got to spend time during self selected reading and other quiet times working and reading on the Nooks.

19 Mrs. Reynolds: 3 rd Grade Class 3rd grade used the Nook during self selected reading time but would like to use them next year for literature circles.

20 Hunt Meadows 10 Nooks: each a different genre Checked out to 4 th and 5 th grade students 2 week time period Permission form required Sign up on notebook 1 page per genre and 1 for recommendations.

21 Nooks at Northwest Middle Keri Reaney Media Specialist

22 Nook Simple Touch Glowlight $621.99 30 Tablet Charging Cart 30 Total $95.92/each Barnes & Noble Managed

23 Book Clubs When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

24 Meetings: 1. Things You Predict 2. People We Know 3. Things That are Kind 4. Games You Play

25 Book Clubs Masters of Disaster by Gary Paulsen

26 Meetings: 1. Masters of our Nook 2. Masters of the Bike 3. Masters of the Unknown 4. Masters of the Horse

27 Nook HDs $88.35 – Refurbished Barnes & Noble Managed 10 Genre Specific Available to 7 th & 8 th Graders Holds Through Destiny Title List/Summary available onlineonline Future Use: Google Docs/Research $40.00

28 I Want to Purchase, Now What? Try them Search for e-books and prices for the device Number your devices Keep a database of all books Promote to your students and parents. Decide on and post rules for the devices Develop a policy if the devices are to be checked out.

29 E-Reader Research OverDrive apps for iPhone and Android enable direct library downloads d+%28No+Shelf+Required%29 Implementing an E-Reader Pilot Program at Your School The New Librarianship in the Age of the Ebook The Kindle, Nook, iPad, and Reader Compared Re-Kindle Kids with a Passion for Reading: Implementing an E-Reader Pilot Program at Your School

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