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E-P ORTFOLIO Gaining employment within the education sector.

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1 E-P ORTFOLIO Gaining employment within the education sector

2 A GENDA What are E-Portfolios? Sell yourself using your E-Portfolio-Best Practice How to make your E-Portfolio look Professional Do’s and Don’ts Case Study-What a good E-Portfolio looks like Getting started with my E-Portfolio Summary


4 W HAT IS AN E - PORTFOLIO ? Personal Repository- Online space to showcase learning development, skills and competencies, reflection on achievements, areas of development Presentational Function -Digital artefacts An interactive function- linking to other learners, tutors, mentors, or employers Developmental function -Constantly updated throughout your time at University

5 W HAT IS AN E - PORTFOLIO ? Reflects the type of work an employer can expect from you-form of a CV Blackboard→ Glamedge→ My E-Portfolio Documenting work in progress - like a blog It’s free!

6 T HE BLIND MEN AND THE ELEPHANT PARABLE The reason why e-portfolios can be difficult to define is because they have so many different purposes. In various versions of the tale, a group of blind men (or men in the dark) touch an elephant to learn what it is like. Each one feels a different part, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then compare notes and learn that they are in complete disagreement.

7 B LIND M EN AND THE E - PORTFOLIO It’s for art students only! It’s for programme assessment It’s a showcase tool! It’s a career development tool


9 H ISTORICAL E MPLOYER M ISTAKES Walt Disney was once fired by a newspaper….. for his lack of ideas MGM’s memo after Fred Astaire's screen test read….. “can’t act. Slightly bald. Can dance a little” Beethoven’s violin teacher declared him…… “hopeless as a composer”

10 I NTERESTING RECRUITER FACTS HR Professionals and Hiring Managers will spend on average 10-30 seconds looking at a CV Research has shown that constantly sifting through CV’s can cause attention spans to drop to a 9 second glance- that’s the equivalent to a Goldfish Spelling and Grammar mistakes can cost you the shot at an interview and is the most common mistake made by job seekers

11 E-P ORTFOLIO B EST P RACTICE Why are people successful in gaining employment? Placements Testimonials Creativity-platforms for self-expression ICT Skills- inputted text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks. CV Reels and demo tapes

12 Teamwork Communication Initiative Extra CPD Spelling and Grammar! Member of Professional Body-CIPD

13 E-P ORTFOLIO B EST P RACTICE -T HINK ABOUT Skills Knowledge Experience Attribute's Requirements Position Company YouPotential Employer

14 L ANGUAGE USED IN E-P ORTFOLIO Maintain a consistent writing style. Do not use “I” or “my” For my final-year project, I had to carry out a survey of patients' attitudes to health care services for the elderly. This involved interviewing patients in hospital and in their homes. A database was used to keep track of data collected. This project was finished on time and was awarded a 2.1 grade Start each description with an action word Devised and prepared a survey of patients' attitudes to health care services for the elderly as my final-year project. Interviewed 70 elderly patients and obtained a substantial amount of data. Created a database to analyse and interpret this material. Completed this project three weeks ahead of schedule and achieved a 2.1 grade

15 A CTION W ORDS PlannedDevisedAchieved Developed Liaised (spell it right!) Evaluated SupervisedCo-ordinatedManaged AdministeredControlledSelected CreatedInstructedNegotiated DesignedResearchedAnalysed DiscoveredRecommendedTested DiagnosedBudgetedMonitored EvaluatedExaminedAssessed PromotedSoldAdvised SelectedTrainedTaught ExplainedPresentedConducted DistributedOrganisedSolved RepresentedPersuadedCalculated CompletedArrangedResponsible for

16 C AN WE MAKE THESE STATEMENTS BETTER ? I used classroom management skills and learnt excellent behaviour management techniques. I joined in with extra curricular activities such as Tennis Club and organized a trip to the houses of Parliament. I improved my ICT skills by using an Interactive Whiteboard.

17 A CTION W ORDS o Successfully implemented classroom management strategies and developed excellent behaviour management techniques o Participated in extra curricular activities such as Tennis Club and organized a school trip to the houses of parliament o Developed excellent ICT skills including using an Interactive Whiteboard

18 L ANGUAGE CONT. Make sure your statements are clear and understandable You do not need to include everything you have done, be selective in your listing Use past tense verbs for previous activities- created, developed


20 T HINGS TO AVOID Don’t oversell yourself or stretch the truth Don’t use email addresses like Don’t use humour Don’t think too outside the box-although its good to be creative Don’t include your life story-relevant information only Don’t start sentences with ‘I’ or ‘my’ Don’t use abbreviations

21 C ASE S TUDY My E-Portfolio homepage-This area is for your professional development. Here you can talk about how you have developed professionally i.e. in terms of your future career. I am currently in my 3 rd year of University studying English. I am looking to eventually work within education. I have completed placements within Tongwynlais Nursery and Radyr Primary Scool. Whilst completing my studies at the University of Glamorgan, I have developed my skills by attending Drama Society and have worked as a campaigner for the Women’s Group at the Student Union. I enjoy reading and have helped start a reading club at Radyr Primary School whilst on placement. I developed excellent behaviour management skills and worked closely with other members of staff.

22 C ASE S TUDY My E-Portfolio homepage A well presented, self motivated and confident Special Educational Needs graduate who has extensive knowledge of how to successfully support pupils with the medial needs of PMLD pupils then develop and implement suitable care plans for them. Possessing excellent counselling, listening and general communication skills, along with the ability to communicate complex and sensitive information about medical matters in an understandable form to parents. Having exceptional multi-tasking and organisational skills, all of which are imperative when working closely with Physicians or other health care professionals. Now looking to further an already successful academic track record by finding a suitable graduate entry level position with a progressive employer within a Special Needs School.

23 O VER TO YOU ………..

24 S UMMARY Sell yourself Make sure that spelling and grammar is correct Ask somebody to proof read for you Don’t oversell Tailor your E-Portfolio Ask yourself, if I only had 30 seconds to read it, what impression would my E-Portfolio give? Am I doing myself justice? Will it sell me to my ideal role?

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