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1 Services

2 Blackboard Consulting Blackboard Training Blackboard ASP Services
Agenda Overview Managing the Transitions of The Networked Transaction Environment Blackboard Consulting Who We Are and What We Do Blackboard Training Blackboard ASP Services Why Choose Blackboard ASP Blackboard Client Support How Blackboard Provides Support Summary and Discussion Next Steps

3 Blackboard’s Product Strategy
Leading institutions are wiring their campuses to connect people and resources in new and powerful ways. In moving beyond Meal Plan Administration, these institutions are deploying their core technologies in an effort to establish a dynamic and cohesive commerce and access network. Blackboard’s product strategy is to develop and support the core technologies that enable a true Networked Transaction Environment.

4 The Networked Transaction Environment
A true networked transaction environment exists when any student, teacher or member of the university community can use a universal account on campus, off campus, and online for all commerce transactions, activities and facilities access and web services.

5 A User’s Perspective of the Networked Transaction Environment
Residential Life Securely enters and leaves facilities BbOne Local merchants accept University ID Card as payment The Online Campus Check your account balance, order items online Bookstore Purchase goods and services Campus Activities Purchase game tickets Parking Pay for garage fees Food Service Cafeterias and vending machines

6 The Path to the Networked Transaction Environment
INSTITUTIONAL GROWTH EXPLORATORY SUPPORTED STRATEGIC MISSION CRITICAL TRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED TRANSACTION ENVIRONMENT A single department solution Multiple departments supported by a dedicated administrator Institution wide support for all campus transactions and event access with back-office systems A central account for all members of the institution that can be utilized both on and off campus and maximum student and faculty convenience. When any student, teacher, or member of the university community can use a universal account on campus, off campus, and online for all commerce transactions, activities and facilities access and web services. Phase I Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 TIME

7 The Benefits of a Networked Transaction Environment
INSTITUTIONAL BENEFITS EXPLORATORY SUPPORTED STRATEGIC MISSION CRITICAL TRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED TRANSACTION ENVIRONMENT Business Efficiency Distributed Management Student & Faculty Service Safety and Security New Revenue Opportunities Phase I Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 TIME

8 Organic vs. Planned Adoption
Organic Adoption Organic / Exploratory Adoption Initially driven by a single application Application Plateau Strategic Phase Necessary for continued growth Planned Adoption Planned/Foundational Adoption Initially driven by Executive Sponsor Adoption across multiple campus businesses Accelerated growth Strategic planning upfront Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 MISSION CRITICAL FOUNDATIONAL SUPPORTED TRANSFORMATIVE Phase I Transition 1 Transition 2 Transition 3 MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORATORY SUPPORTED STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATIVE Phase I Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Transition 1 Transition 2 Transition 3 Transition 4 Transition Management is the key to successful adoption regardless of approach.

9 Managing the Phases of Transition– to Achieve the Networked Transaction Environment
The Transitions represent specific stages that must be managed to allow campus systems to mature and expand service offerings to all campus constituents Two components for successful transition management Implementation Approach A specific process for managing and planning the institution’s maturing needs for expansion to total adoption of daily life services on campus, off campus and online Implementation Activities: Those specific activities required for a successful transition at each phase of implementation for expanded service offerings and successful return on investment

10 Blackboard Services Blackboard Consulting Blackboard Training Blackboard ASP Blackboard Support

11 Blackboard Consulting: Who We Are
100+ consultants 20+ dedicated consultants experienced in leading and assisting with Blackboard Commerce Suite implementations Consultant Profile Project managers experienced in software requirements and project implementation Technical consultants experienced in core Blackboard Commerce Suite hardware and software Development consultants with special skill sets in programming languages, web technologies, database programming, backup and recovery, and network operations Experience implementing over 400 client engagements

12 Blackboard Consulting: What We Do
Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage Strategic Planning Blackboard System Planning Business Continuity and Risk Management Solution Implementation Application Installation and Configuration Hardware Installation System Conversion System “Go Live” Integration and Customization Systems Integration Business Intelligence Reporting Web-enabled System Management System Customization Solution Management System Maintenance Recarding Reconfiguration

13 Blackboard Transaction System Planning
Client Objective Implement the Blackboard Transaction System to accommodate 20% annual campus student attendance growth Plan the implementation, perform the installation and train client support personnel for three interfacing enterprise systems within a three month timeframe Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Implementation of the Blackboard Transaction System within a three month window Integration with Best Security System and Residential Management System Outcomes Secure and reliable implementation of a Networked Transaction Environment with a clear foundation and path for future growth Implementation and integration adhering to the client’s “go live” date Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

14 Blackboard Community System Planning
Client Objective Unify e-Commerce on campus Virtually extend the campus card program Create seamless interface between Bb Academic Suite and Bb Commerce Suite Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Community System Planning Workbook Defined phase activities Implemented interface between academic and commerce environments on campus Outcomes Implemented first phase for students paying fines Planned second phase activities Seamlessly integrated Bb Community System and Bb Learning System Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

15 Business Continuity and Risk Management
Client Objectives Define business continuity requirements that include a redundant server using a former production server Implement and test a solution to meet those requirements Document the solution to ensure the campus and Blackboard is prepared to fail over to the recovery server Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Business Continuity Plan Business Continuity Solution Qualified Testing Solution Documentation on campus and at Blackboard Client Outcomes Recovery Time Objective (amount of time needed to bring up recovery server): Less than 2 hours Loss of Data Exposure:  Less than 1 minute Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

16 Application Installation and Configuration
Client Objectives Implement Blackboard Transaction System, replacing previous solution Configure system to meet campus business requirements for transaction processing Integrate with existing systems in place for security and print management Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Blackboard Transaction System implementation project plan and management Integrated solution with Identipass, Equitrac and Follett systems Installed new point of sale devices and expanded the number of card-accepting locations Client Outcomes A fully integrated environment encompassing multiple systems with the Blackboard Transaction System Expanded the points of services on campus for user convenience Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

17 Hardware Installation
Client Objectives Installation of a very large implementation with a variety of hardware components that require complex interconnection to a parking system Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Installed door access, value transfer stations, point of sale systems, and ID Works badging system Interfaced to a complex parking system Installation completion required in a very tight timeframe Client Outcomes In just over a week, all reader hardware was installed Within the short time frame completed a successful interface between the Blackboard Transaction System and a complex parking system Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

18 System Conversion Client Objectives Blackboard Consulting Deliverables
Replace an existing Diebold card system with the Blackboard Transaction System Integrate multiple systems across multiple campuses Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Implemented full system replacement Installed new points of service Automated integration with payroll, athletic, parking, bookstore and point of sale systems in a short time frame Integrated with campus portal. Client Outcomes Implementation of full system replacement and points of service Automation of integration with payroll, athletic, parking, bookstore and Micros system in 6 weeks Expanded integration with custom portal and automated management of athletic funds to ensure NCAA compliance Custom SIS Database Data transfer of Meal $$ and Flex $$ balance info Person and privilege data Import of Payroll deduction Flex $$ Transaction Interface Bb Extract Reports translated into Great Plains import file Import and management of Meal $$ per NCAA guidelines Formatted Micros Report translated into Great Plains import file Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

19 System “Go Live” Client Objectives Blackboard Consulting Deliverables
Replace existing laundry and dining system on campus Move to complete IP-based reader family Expand card-accepting locations to include vending machines, copiers and the bookstore Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Developed project plan for implementation of the Blackboard Transaction System including vending machines, copiers, laundry rooms, and dining locations Enable ability for account holders to check their balances and add money to their accounts Configure the Blackboard Transaction System before installation enabling a “go live” date in the middle of the school year in the middle of the week Provide on-site training assistance for office staff as system went “live” Assist in the transition and reconciliation of funds from former system Client Outcomes Experienced a smooth launch of the system after installation and conversion from the previously installed systems with no impact to cardholders Custom training was provided to all system users on campus Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

20 Systems Integration Client Objective
Automate the process of calculating merchant reporting, accounting and payment for campus card-based transaction activity via the web Direct integration to Oracle financials payment system Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Designed and delivered web interface for merchant settlement management including customer-definable accounting codes, management fees and merchant variables Automated merchant disbursement including the general ledger system files for automated integration Provide integration between the merchant reporting system and the general ledger operation within the financial system for automated reconciliation Client Outcomes Eliminated requirement of person days of effort annually and eliminated errors resulting from manual processing Resulted in a basis for significant merchant growth with minimal incremental management tasks Provided a more timely settlement with merchants and a potential for increased revenues by charging a higher fee for more frequent disbursement options Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

21 Business Intelligence Reporting
Client Objective Provide customized, user defined reports on demand via the web Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Created a web-interface that authenticates a user and delivers customized report data to vendors and departments on demand reducing staff time and effort Client Outcomes Eliminated the manual effort of compiling data from numerous reports Decreased the time required to deliver key operational data to vendors and departments Provided the ability to increase services to vendors by giving direct access to information within 24 hours Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

22 Web-enabled System Management
Client Objective Allow any Privilege/Account/Meal Plan changes and/or purchases from a kiosk at the card office. Provide a web interface to allow office staff to choose options that could assign complete Privilege packages Ability to deduct the cost from a debit account and open up as an on-line service to cardholders Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Developed processes that return all current cardholder information upon request.  Implemented a process that accepts cardholder change requests from the web application and executes the Privilege and Account changes determined by that application Client Outcomes Clemson has the ability to change and modify cardholder information upon request and apply those changes immediately Cardholder services are vastly improved by self service capability to change and modify plans and purchases of plans online Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

23 Off Line TIA Transaction Text File
System Customization Client Objective Provide an interface to the Blackboard Transaction System – UNIX Edition allowing an offline system to submit transactions via a text file. Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Developed a custom, configurable offline interface using Java that can run from any platform: Unix, Windows, Mac, Linux Developed a process to accept a text file provided by the external system, submit the transactions to the system and creates a log file for easy review Support for communication through the interface using 128 bit AES encryption Client Outcomes University of Pennsylvania uses the offline interface to manually submit withdrawal and refund transactions to the Blackboard Transaction System – UNIX Edition resulting in a more efficient process and reducing errors through automation Future plans incorporate automating the integration with the offline interface running an hourly batch process Off Line TIA Transaction Text File Off Line TIA File Handler Transaction Handler Blackboard System Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

24 System Maintenance Client Objective Blackboard Consulting Deliverables
Required assistance in managing the card system after the loss of staff Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Assisted with management and maintenance of the Blackboard Transaction System Reviewed system operations for efficiency Assisted in cleaning the system data for improved efficiency Client Outcomes Allow campus time to effectively staff card office operations Enhanced operations to enrich processes on campus Provided continuous system functionality while searching to replace staff Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

25 Re-carding Client Objectives Blackboard Consulting Deliverables
Convert social security numbers in the Blackboard Transaction System to new numbering scheme and recard 25,000 cardholders Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Replaced the social security numbers within the Blackboard Transaction System Re-issued 25,000 existing cards to faculty, staff and students Sorted output to distribute cards in various locations throughout the campus Client Outcomes Personalized and distributed 25,000 cards in eight weeks Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

26 Re-configuration Client Objectives Blackboard Consulting Deliverables
Convert multiple spending accounts to a single, universal account that is accepted on and off campus Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Provided tight business analysis and planning management Converted multiple accounts to a single account while maintaining previous account history Improved the ability to expand locations on and off campus Client Outcomes Delivered a smooth and timely transition to one account Resulted in a 35% overall increase in deposits and commission revenues in the first year following the conversion Plan Implement Integrate & Customize Manage

27 Blackboard Training: Who We Are
7 Project Managers, 4 Developers, 4 Technical Consultants Services Profile Skilled technical project managers and implementation specialists. Average tenure on job or in industry is 5+ years. Experience since the early 1980’s with training thousands of users from hundreds of client institutions Provide standard implementations, training, integration with other client systems, and customized solutions for entire Blackboard Commerce Suite systems.

28 Blackboard Training: What We Do
Types of Training Training for New Clients: Launch Training Training for Existing Clients: Refresher Training Custom Training Training Series Blackboard Transaction System Series Blackboard Community System Series Training Location Options Onsite Workshops at client locations Onsite customized agenda Regional Events at facilities in Washington DC or Phoenix, Arizona

29 Blackboard Transaction System Training
Client Objective Training of staff on the use and administration of the Blackboard Commerce Suite for maintaining day to day operations Blackboard Training Deliverable: Blackboard Transaction System Launch Training On-site training for system administrators, system users, system operators and point of service cashiers, providing an introduction to the system for all users. Blackboard Transaction System Refresher Training A number of training modules to satisfy varied client demands including training classes for specific system components as well as a full system refresher class. Client Outcome: Effective implementation, administration and on-going management of the Blackboard Transaction System on campus.

30 Blackboard Community System Training
Client Objective Successful implementation and adoption of online services for the campus community through the Blackboard Community System. Blackboard Training Deliverables Blackboard Community System Administration Blackboard Training works with clients to ensure that they are ready to successfully administer the Blackboard Community System. In an onsite or regional format Blackboard Community System Essentials Blackboard trainers provide staff, administrators and students with the knowledge required to set up e-Commerce storefronts, build online communities, manage information exchange and deliver community-based information and services effectively using the Blackboard platform Client Outcomes Greater adoption and more effective use of online services Minimized support costs due to strong base of end user knowledge and online support tools

31 Blackboard Custom Training
Client Objective Training of staff and administrators based on specific clients requirements Blackboard Training Deliverables Delivered Blackboard System Administrator training Provide customized classes at the client location or Blackboard Training facilities Develop curriculum based on specific client needs Client Outcomes Fulfill knowledge gaps on system administration Secure individualized instruction in familiar location Blackboard documentation developed to campus configuration for on-going education

32 Blackboard Services: Blackboard ASP Services
Over 300 Customers from All Market Sectors Over 3 Million Users in our Systems – Over 2 Million Enrolled Users 1000+ Servers 11 Terabytes of Storage Capacity & Growing 7 Terabytes of Data Transferred Daily 72,000, HTTP Requests Served Per Day 99.7% or Better Uptime Guarantee Corinthian, DeVry and Strayer 250 colleges Market CAP 500M

33 5 Key Reasons to Choose Blackboard ASP Services
Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

34 Reliability: Build Redundancy & Stability
ASP Infrastructures located in Tier-1 Datacenters at key Internet hubs Multiple physical connections to three Tier-1 ISPs for redundant access to Internet & aggregate 2.4 Gbps capacity Multiple, Redundant Routers, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Switches & Servers 4 levels of power backups for 100% power availability Climate control for optimal network environment How Blackboard ASP Service addresses the Reliability factor: by building redundancy and stability. Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

35 Security: Protect Network and Backup Data
Physical Security – Tier-1 datacenter security including: limited access to authorized personnel identification badges security cameras 24x7 on-site security Network Security – Including: Firewall & Intrusion Detection System Full-time Security Engineer Third Party Audit Data Security: Multiple levels of database and file backup How does Blackboard ASP Service address the security factor? By protecting the network in multiple levels (physical and network-wide) and backing up client’s data in multiple levels. Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

36 Scalability: Build an Environment to Support Growth
Bandwidth and Storage is Never Capped Additional Bandwidth on Demand Available in 1 Mbps increments Additional Storage on Demand 10 GB unit increments for Learning System 1 TB unit increments for Content System Additional Servers Added as Needs Grow Additional Active Users Support Includes incremental bandwidth, storage and hardware Software Updates/Upgrades Made Easy How does Blackboard ASP Service address Scalability factor? By building an expandable network environment and offering a set of value added services for various stages of needs. Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

37 Fully Managed Service: 24x7 Operations and Support
One Stop Client Support from experts who design and host the software Services backed up by 99.7% Availability Guarantee – credit issued for violations 24 x 7 ASP Support Dedicated Application Support Manager Single Point of Contact for Blackboard Software and Hosting Two Designated Client System Administrators Phone, Web and based Ticketing System Escalation and Response Time based on Severity All Upgrade and Patch Applications Provisioned by Experienced Professionals Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

38 Cost Control: Lower Costs than Self-Hosted
By hosting their Blackboard systems through Blackboard ASP Services, institutions realize significant savings when compared to hosting the systems on campus. Savings depend on the type & size of implementation & institutions’ circumstance. Blackboard ASP can provide a customizable three-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation document. Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

39 Blackboard Services: Blackboard Client Support
Software Maintenance and Support: Basic Gold Platinum Hardware Maintenance and Support: Silver Benefits: Dedicated Technical Support Manager 24 hour support Toll free number Upgrades and Maintenance Access to Behind the Blackboard, the web-based support solution Surveys, newsletters, and other client communication Client service reviews “My experience with support has been extremely positive. Our upgrade process has always gone smoothly. Everyone at Blackboard Client Support is professional and responsive to our needs." Stuart Roberts, University of Alaska Anchorage “Blackboard is very customer oriented. When I call Blackboard Client support, they are more than helpful.“ Nancy Harshman, Clemson University

40 Bb Commerce Suite: Hardware Support
Hardware Support Offerings Basic Silver Depot Repair Services for Bb manufactured products Depot Repair Service for third party products Product shipped to client via Fed-Ex Confirmation tracking sent to Client Replacement of worn components as necessary Expedited Shipping Temporary Replacement and Availability On-Site Technical Reader Training (one trip; limit 24 hours)

41 Bb Commerce Suite: Software Support
Software Support Offerings Basic Gold Platinum Customer Support During Coverage Hours 24x7 Emergency Customer Assistance. 24 Hour NP Support (Bb Transaction System - UNIX Edition Only) Software Application Upgrades During Coverage Hours Software Application Restoration During Coverage Hours Network Reader Coverage Emergency Onsite Assistance 24x7 Non Emergency/Troubleshooting Customer Assistance Off-Hour Scheduled Software Upgrades - 3 hours before or 3 hours after standard business hours System Administration and Technical Services Participation in Product Release Conference Calls Quarterly Report Cards Disaster Recovery

42 Platinum Software Support Advantage
Recent enhancements to Platinum Support One price for all billable support activities (no after hour pricing differential) Support upgrade extension 3 AM - 9 PM EST RMA requests highly prioritized for quick turn around Network Processor – Same Day Shipping Monthly “System Health Check” Report Card Case Management Analysis Review of issues that required advanced testing and troubleshooting to determine root cause and resolution Recommendations for system maintenance and management Quarterly Back-up tape verification Invitation to product Webinars based on client specific needs

43 Blackboard’s Support Standards: The 4 C’s
Competency Professional and efficient communication Thorough analysis Leverage of knowledge resources Commitment Exceeding expectations Ownership Developing relationships Holistic and forward-thinking approach to assisting clients Communication Responsive Proactive Clear Care Respect and understanding Sensitive to the importance of every situation

44 How Blackboard Implements our Support Standards
People Technology Process Performance Indicators System Administrators Client Advocacy Underlying Technology Expertise TSM AM Community User Groups List_serv Behind the Blackboard Peoplesoft Google IP Telephony Parature Lab infrastructure “How to” Documentation Release Notes Tutorials Project 24 Engineering Services Bb Consulting and Bb ASP Services Client-driven requirements Enhancement Requests Performance Benchmarking Team Root Cause Analysis Client Satisfaction Response Time Case Reviews Live Call Rate Total Contacts Employee Satisfaction Cost/Productivity Goals Organizational/ Maturity goals

45 Summary Quality service standards Dedicated Consulting Team
Industry experienced consultants Client centric deliverables through effective needs assessments Measured through successful client outcomes

46 Questions, Discussion

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