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Chapters 8-10 Presented by David M. Hasz Written by Charles Colson.

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2 Chapters 8-10 Presented by David M. Hasz Written by Charles Colson

3 Life in a Test Tube? A little science estranges a man from God. A lot of science brings him back. - Francis Bacon

4 Life in Test Tube Cont. All the tests produce the wrong kind of amino acids that sustain life.

5 Other Problems Sidney Fox started with amino acids thus left handed acids. Amino acids not hooking up to form peptide bonds, needed to sustain living things.

6 Other Problems Scientists have to “cheat” to get results.

7 Several Cheating scenarios Filter out the longer ultraviolet rays Trap amino acids as soon as they form to keep them from disintegrating

8 Cheating Scenarios All the experiments that have produced so much excitement are artificial.

9 Not a Chance The computer revolution put evolutionary theory to death. In 1960’s scientists started writing computer programs to test theory.

10 Not a chance By 1966 chance theories were being secretly burned.

11 No way Life by chance - Same probability as Line up 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000 blind people.

12 No Way Give them all a rubik’s cube and have them all solve it at exactly the same moment.

13 Many are seeing the light - sort of Many scientists are accepting the idea of an intelligent “Designer” Science is not challenging the Christian faith it is proving it to be true. Let’s look at DNA

14 DNA This is the language in the heart of a cell. DNA is made up of chemicals but it has to be in exactly the right order.

15 DNA All creation points toward an intelligent designer. Watch argument

16 Information Theory A field of research that studies the ways information is transmitted. Is a message high or low content. DNA is high, who wrote it?

17 The declaration NABT - life is the outcome of “an unsupervised, impersonal, unpredictable, and natural process” This takes God out of the picture.

18 The Declaration All the pictures and no one has ever witnessed evolution in process

19 Breeding At first there is a lot of change but eventually the changes level off and there is a line breeders cannot cross.

20 Breeding As breeding is intensified the organism grows weaker, not stronger.

21 Breeding cont. When the organism is left to itself it returns to the original. Evolution through mutations?

22 Breeding Most mutations are harmful or lethal to the organism. The collection of mutations is devolution

23 Irreducible complexity This is the concept used to argue that organisms could not have evolved piecemeal. They would have died. Darwin admitted it would be the end of his theory if we could find complex organs that could not evolve in slight modifications.

24 The Bat How could it get from rat to bat? It would be extinct along the way. The Eye - How would is slightly alter over time to become an eye?

25 The danger Much more at stake than scientific theory. Our origin determines our destiny. Ethics -what if there is a God?

26 The Law Traditionally, a nation’s laws were understood to be based on a transcendent moral order.

27 The Law The belief was that “men do not make laws. They do but discover them. Laws… must rest on the eternal foundation of righteousness”

28 WHAT? Where did that come from? Calvin Coolidge our thirteenth president.

29 WHAT? Education - Dewey argued that our brains are just evolving organs as well. Ideas are just hypothesis - thus the gutting of the academic and moral education today.

30 Why did they support it? Many of Darwin’s earliest and most ardent supporters were quick to spot the scientific weakness of his theory, yet they chose to champion it because they saw it as a useful means of promoting naturalistic philosophy.

31 It was rigged The data proves evolution was not so much about scientific evidence is was more about rationale for naturalism. We should all be asking “who is this guy”

32 Rigged Everyone now realizes that everything stands or falls on the doctrine of creation.

33 Let’s line up the evidence First - cosmology has discovered not all matter is eternal as naturalist scientists once assumed.

34 Evidence Second - there are staggering “coincidences” that make the universe fit for life.

35 The evidence Third - laboratory experiments touted as proof that life can arise spontaneously, turned out to prove nothing of the sort.

36 Evidence Fourth - Darwin did not succeed in demonstrating that life developed by natural forces.

37 Christianity Is an objective perspective on all reality, a complete worldview. Only Christianity consistently stands up to the test of practical living.

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