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SSC 1010 Character Formation Week 1: Mastering the Context.

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1 SSC 1010 Character Formation Week 1: Mastering the Context

2 Introduction  Course Objectives  Course Requirements  Course Overview  Lesson

3 Course Objectives 1.Develop core ethical values in the formation of character. 2.Develop character through the planning and execution of community-service programmes 3.Develop leadership skills through group projects

4 Course Requirements  Group Project: 50%  Planning: 10%  Objectives: 5%  Presentation: 5%  Activity: 20%  Cooperation: 5%  Report: 5%  Individual Written Assignment: 50%  4000 word Research/Extended Essay  Following citation requirements (see

5 How do I do the Group Project?  Form a group  Choose a physical activity all of you have never done before  Plan a project with that activity  Show me your planning process and outcome

6 Course Overview  13 Lecture Weeks  10 Formal Lectures  1 Movie Week  1 Forum Week  1 Presentation of Projects Week

7 Week 1: Mastering the context

8 Overview  Understanding the Global Context  Mastering the Global Context  Understanding the Local Context  Mastering the Local Context  Surrendering to the Context

9 Character First  Problems  Enron, Barisan Nasional, Wall Street 2008, Sept 11, Bush’s ‘War on Terror’  Exemplars  Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa

10 Understanding the Global Context  Political  Sovereignty of nation-states, political persuasion, influence and ascendency of  China, Asia  Regional Blocs (South America, ASEAN, South India)  Rise of military influence  Usage of technology, security, global ‘war on terror’  NSA  Austerity measures  Social  Unemployment, mass protests, educational challenges and changes  Violence, depression, meaninglessness  Economic  Economies tied to each other  US tied to China, EU tied to US  Technological  Use and abuse of technology

11 Mastering the Global Context  Effective usage and deployment of Technology  Leverage of the Internet, mobile platforms, changing trends  ie. Wearable devices, robotics, synthetic biology, Artificial General Intelligence  Creative Expression  New ways of communicating a message  TED platform  New ideas  Combining, synergizing and integrating existing ways of doing things  Exposure, experience and creative problem solving  Global poverty  Invasion of privacy  Climate Change  Dwindling natural resources  Corruption

12 Understanding the Local Context  Racism  Inequality based on ‘ethnic preference’ (“Systemic Discrimination”) Article 153  Religion  Role of Religion as political weapon and silencer of dissent  Religion as means of governance, control and intimidation  Economics  Management of country’s natural resources and allocations  Which History? Which facts?

13 Mastering the Local Context  Knowledge, Creative Problem Solving  Working around bureaucracy and existing preset mindsets  Niche-areas of expertise  Effective means of transformation (fast vs. slow changes)  Prioritizing needs (Educational infrastructure, physical infrastructure in East M’sia)  Big picture perspectives  Attitude  Purpose and reason for action  Character

14 Surrendering to the Context  Fixed mindsets  Tradition- “That’s how we’ve always done it”  Don’t ask so many questions  Immovable attitudes which harm you  Easy surrender

15 Ralph Waldo Emerson “Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.”

16 Conclusion  Your character matters more than your grades  Your ‘Why’ motivation impacts more than your grades  Your thinking and attitude now will eventually shape your character and destiny in life  What kind of thinking and attitude should you have?  Why do I do the things I do?

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