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The Muslim World Expands. The Ottomans Build a Vast Empire.

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1 The Muslim World Expands

2 The Ottomans Build a Vast Empire

3 Turks Move into Byzantium Ghazis Warriors for islam Leader/commander Emir Formed military societies Strict Islamic code of conduct

4 Turks Move into Byzantium Osman Most successful ghazi Called Othman by westerners Ottoman Followers Built small Muslim state in Anatolia

5 Turks Move into Byzantium Timur the Lame From Samarkand(Central Asia) Interrupted the rise of the Ottoman empire Ruthless warrior/conqueror

6 Powerful Sultans Spur Dramatic Expansion Mehmed II Took Constantinople w/ cannons Now call Mehmed the Conqueror Talented ruler brilliant warrior Opened Constantinople to new people w/ many religions and backgrounds Rebuilt the city; called it Istanbul

7 Powerful Sultans Spur Dramatic Expansion Selim the Grim Moved through Syria, Palestine and North Africa Accountable for Mecca and Medina Aquired Cairo (intellectual center of the Muslim world)

8 Suleyman the Lawgiver Ottoman Empire Reached it’s peak under Suleyman Suleyman the magnificent How westerners referred to him Great military leader

9 Suleyman the Lawgiver Social organization Simplified and limited taxes Systematized and reduced government bureaucracy

10 Suleyman the Lawgiver Social organization Devshirme Army uses devshirme—drafts boys from conquered lands Trains 30,000 elite soldiers—janissaries—loyal only to the sultan Disciplined Heart of the Ottoman war machine

11 Suleyman the Lawgiver Social organization Communities Millets (nations) System kept conflict among people of various religions to a minimum

12 Suleyman the Lawgiver Cultural Flowering Suleyman’s broad interests lead to flourishing of arts, learning Painters and poets Looked to Persia and Arabia for models Work used foreign influences to express original Ottoman ideas in Turkish styles

13 Suleyman the Lawgiver Empire Declines Slowly Suleyman kills one son and exiles another Third son inherits throne but rules weakly

14 Cultural Blending

15 What is it? Causes: Results:

16 Safavids Members of an Islamic religious brotherhood Isma’il Shi’a warrior Began to seize most of what is now Iran

17 Safavids Isma’il Took the title of Shah recognized Shi’a Islam as the state religion Enraged the Ottomans Destroyed the Sunni population of Baghdad

18 Safavid Golden Age Reformed aspects of military and civilian life Encouraged cultural blending Established relations with European nations Summoned artisans to the Safavid Empire Industry and art thrived

19 Safavid Golden Age Encouraged cultural blending Artistic collaborations Gave rise to beautiful artwork that decorated places in Isfahan Persian carpets Vital result of Western influence on the Safavids High demand

20 Decline of the Dynasty

21 Section 3

22 Babur Akbar Aurangzeb

23 Early History of the Mughals Babur Inherited a kingdom Area around Uzbekistan and Tajikistan Taken away by elders; moved south

24 Akbar’s Golden Age Akbar (Great) Babur’s grandson Powerful military and political leader combined a land of more than 100 million people More than most of Europe shared

25 Akbar’s Golden Age Akbar Muslim Continued the Islamic tradition of religious freedom Arts, architecture, and literature flourished

26 Aurangzeb’s Reign Mughal holding expanded to their greatest size Oppressive ruler; levied high taxes Many died from famine while he waged war Lead to his demise Intolerant of non-Muslim religions

27 Decline of the Dynasty

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