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2 Which region covers the
largest amount of area?

3 Which region contains the majority of GA’s population?

4 The highest point in GA is
located in __________?

5 The area where the Piedmont and Coastal Plain meet that features a drop in elevation and beautiful waterfalls is called ______

6 In less than 45 minutes, Jeff rode his motorcycle through parts of Alabama and Tennessee before stopping at a restaurant in GA. The restaurant Jeff most likely stopped at is located in which region?

7 Which of the following projects would South Carolina and Georgia most likely work together on?

8 Which of the following statements best describe s the effect of GA’s climate on its economic development?

9 A rural settler in the early 1800’s would have been least likely to start a new town in which of the following areas?

10 Who were the earliest known people to live in what is current day GA?

11 What impact did the development of horticulture have on pre-European Native American people?

12 Who was the 1st Spanish Explorer to enter GA in search of gold and glory?

13 What purpose were the Spanish missions supposed to fulfill?

14 Which statement best describes
Paleo Indians?

15 The last Native Americans to live in what is today GA before the arrival of any European Explorers were

16 The first Europeans to explore GA were from which country?

17 Which of the following statements best describes how Spain felt about the French and British colonies in the Southeast?

18 Which of the following men wanted to establish a colony for debtors and became the first leader of GA?

19 Which of the following is a reason why the British wanted to establish the colony of GA?

20 What was the name of the 1st settlement founded by the British settlers in GA?

21 Which statement is true?
John Reynolds was extremely popular among the colonists and left because he got ill. Although the governor was appointed by the King, the assembly had most of the power in GA. c. James Wright was the Governor of GA longer than anyone else. Since they would not negotiate, Governor Wright had to take land from the Cherokee by violent forces.

22 Which of the following best describes Tomochichi?
He was a Native American whom Oglethorpe enslaved and took to England as a prisoner. b. He was a Native American chief who befriended Oglethorpe and allowed him to settle Savannah in peace. c. He was the husband of Mary Musgrove. d. He was a Native American chief who helped James Wright acquire land.

23 What effect did slavery
have on GA?

24 How did the founding of GA affect debtors in England?

25 The amount you owe to lenders is called what?

26 does a person need to know to plan an
Which of the following does a person need to know to plan an effective budget?

27 Mackenzie’s willingness to
serve on the jury at a criminal trial is an example of what?

28 produce which of the following?
Too much debt tends to produce which of the following?

29 What is a characteristic
of an effective budget?

30 Retirement, college education,
weddings, a nice trip, and a new truck are all examples of ?

31 Barbara is 19 years old and accused
of a misdemeanor. Which of the following rights does Barbara have?

32 Chuckie is convicted in criminal
court of armed robbery; however, he asks a higher court to overturn his conviction because he feels his constitutional rights were violated. Chuckie’s request is called?

33 The GA Court of Appeals and the GA Supreme Court are both examples of

34 Tony is a 15 year old accused of
punching another student in the face. Meanwhile Paul is 16 and got caught trying to use a fake ID to buy cigarettes. Where will their cases be heard?

35 For which of the following reasons are murder and rape considered 2
of GA’s seven deadly sins?


37 1. Which 2 colonial powers fought one another for control of North America during the French and Indian War?

38 2. What was significant about Lyman Hall, Button Gwinnett, and George Walton?

39 3. How did Patriots in GA respond to the Stamp Act and Intolerable Acts?

40 4. There was much debate at the Constitutional Convention over which issue?

41 5. Describe Nancy Hart?

42 6. What was the 1st state supported university ever chartered in the US?

43 7. The Baptists and the Methodists became the 2 most influential religious groups in GA …why?

44 8. What did Alexander McGillivray and William McIntosh have in common?

45 9. What was the purpose of both the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850?

46 10. What group was associated
with the Circuit Riders

47 11. Event in which Georgians had the chance to win the right to buy land from the state was known as the…

48 12. Why was Atlanta formed?

49 13. Which of the following statements would a secessionist most agree?
“We should not be too hasty to leave the Union.” “Let’s give Lincoln a chance; perhaps he’ll be a good President.” “The South must break away from the Union before the Federal Government strips away our rights.” “States’ Rights id a dangerous principle.”

50 14. What did the GA Platform say Georgia would do?

51 15. Which of the following most upset GA?
Supreme Court decision in the Dred Scott case Kansas-Nebraska Act 3. Abraham Lincoln’s Election 4.Decision of SC to secede

52 16. Which of the following is true of Alexander Stephens?
He opposed secession at the GA convention. He was a secessionalist who always wanted to leave the Union. He opposed the Compromise of 1850 because it thought it violated state’s rights. He was elected President of the CSA.

53 17. Which of the following is true of the GA Constitution?

54 18. Ga’s Speaker of the House is part of which branch?

55 19. The Governor receives a bill that has passed the General Assembly
19. The Governor receives a bill that has passed the General Assembly. After reviewing it, he determines that he wants to sign part of the bill, but not ALL of it. The Governor will most likely use which of his powers?

56 20. What are the responsibilities of the lieutenant governor?

57 21. Which of the following is part of a municipal government?

58 22. Which of the following statements describe a county government in GA?
Power is divided between a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. A strong mayor exercises most of the power. A weak mayor exercises very little power. A board of commissioners sets the policies and passes ordinances.

59 23. A Policeman spots NaShawn littering in the park and gives him a ticket. He will have to pay the government $50 for his offense. He is paying what?

60 24. The General Assembly passes a new law making it illegal to insult government leaders in public. The Governor gladly signs it. A citizen sues claiming that he is entitled to say what he wants about government leaders under GA’s Bill of Rights. The citizen is hoping the court will do what?

61 25. A bill to make it illegal for people to smoke in state parks must first be introduced where?

62 26. The Governor of GA has which of the following powers?

63 27. Most state revenue comes from which of the following?

64 28. Lily serves the branch of GA’s government that makes sure laws are applied appropriately and accordingly to the Constitution. Lily is most likely which of the following?

65 29. A more serious crime that
carries a sentence of more than a year in prison and/or a fine of at least $1000 is called what?

66 30. Frank is accused of armed robbery
30. Frank is accused of armed robbery. He hires Andre to argue before the court that he is innocent. Meanwhile Blake argues on behalf of the state that he is guilty. Which of the following is true? Frank is not entitled to a jury trial. Blake is an arraignment judge. Andre is a defense attorney. Andre is a prosecutor.

67 31. The party that files a law suit is called

68 32. Which of the following would always be heard in a juvenile court?
18 year old accused of stealing a car 2. 16 year old accused of rape and murder 3. 15 year old accused of stealing soda from a convenience store 4. A parent accused of abusing their 13 year old child.

69 33. Any act committed by a juvenile that would also be considered a crime if it were committed by an adult is called?

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