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Critical Evaluation (Multimedia) Peter Chalk FoC Away Day 18.6.10.

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1 Critical Evaluation (Multimedia) Peter Chalk FoC Away Day 18.6.10

2 Critical evaluation of UG courses – summer 2010 Context What is the nature of this course/ cluster? How does it fit within the field of study or practice? How has it developed over the last five years? Has it maintained currency? What has been the pattern of recruitment and the student profile?

3 Multimedia/ Games/ Animation Clusters consists of – BSc Animation, – BSc Computer Games, – BSc Multimedia Solutions & FDSc Creative Technology Main issue has been recruitment, particularly after Animation was transferred to JCAMD in 2008 (restored in 2009/10) – hence figures:


5 Performance What do the performance statistics reveal with regards to student progression and performance? And grade distribution? What does employer/ practitioner/ professional body feedback reveal about the relevance of the course? Data on student employment?

6 Performance & Employment Pass rate at level C increased dramatically in 2008/09 (from 47% to 89%) Pass rate at I level was 50% (FoC 60%, university 73%) – this should improve in 2009/10 Employment data for Faculty, from UniStats, in 2008/09: Employed with graduate job 40% Aim (in MM) – SkillSet accreditation (2011)

7 Quality & Standards Management  Have there been areas of concern – how were these identified and was action taken?  Has the assessment and feedback strategy been effective?  How effective are the processes for giving feedback to students on their progress and work?  Were there opportunities for student involvement in this process?  Has student feedback led to any changes?  Provide an analysis of the input and effectiveness of the advisory or liaison committees/contacts

8 Issues of concern For example, using the NSS 2008/09 results: – Teaching 65% agree satisfactory – Feedback 45% – Academic support 50% – Organisation & management 47% – Learning resources 55% – Personal development 62% – Overall satisfaction 53% What is the MM action plan to improve this?

9 Non-completion Non-completion at module level – improved 0910a at C level – see spreadsheet – 19% to 17% – long way to go – FoC was 13% last year 0809a; 9% this year 0910a Module Action Plans and the project management of them

10 Scheme-Related  What is the amount of core / optionality at each level?  How has the University spine been incorporated?  What is the approach towards assessment, tariffs and learning & teaching?  How work-based learning has been integrated in the curriculum? To what extent the QAA Academic Infrastructure, including PDP, has been incorporated

11 Scheme issues Example, SkillSet require evidence of subject specific skills – affects soft skills modules Must retain HEO, Employability, Project modules Assessment tariff – needs considering for modules with >2 courseworks – are we over- assessing – tariff policy needs review? WBL evidenced in FDSc and Gamelab modules

12 Issues for discussion... Recruitment and, more important, retention Number of courses and sharing of modules NSS 2011 action plan Completion of final component Module action plans Assessment tariff policy Exploit success of GameLab, SkillSet & Adobe (cf cisco) and...?

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