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MCP: Online Data Collection: Understanding the Quarterly Report Julie Hocker 202-205-5916

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1 MCP: Online Data Collection: Understanding the Quarterly Report Julie Hocker

2 Overview Purpose Reporting Period Basics to Logging in and Navigating Content Next Steps Questions and Assistance

3 Purpose

4 The Reporting Period September 30 – September 29 Quarterly Reports 30 Days to Submit

5 Request a Username Complete Form to Julie Hocker

6 Usernames and Passwords Usernames and Temporary Passwords are System-Generated New Password Required 9 characters One capital letter One number


8 Accessing the Site Dont miss the S Secured Sign-in No www

9 Logging In

10 Enter OLDC

11 Menu – OLDC Home

12 Navigation

13 Grantee Selection

14 Report Selection

15 Report Form

16 The Report Form Enter data in open fields Click blue underlined text for form instructions

17 Submitting the Report

18 Submitting Report Forms Save Validate unsubmit to edit Form going forward to ACF

19 General Terms Children – of prisoners in your program Mentor – compassionate adult Past Quarter –period being reported on

20 Creating the Match Original pairing Existing matches Grandfather in if organization is new to the program Each grant leads to new match

21 Sustaining the Match Every 12 months Grandfather time in

22 B. Start the MCP clock Think of the clocks as beginning when each childs first MCP program clock began

23 What Children Count in 1a? ALL MCP matches Never had a Federal MCP Grant Before:

24 What Children Count in 1a? ALL MCP matches Back again! Starting another MCP Grant:

25 What Children Count in 1b?

26 All Active Matches New Matches Continuing Matches Ceasing Matches Ceasing + Starting New = 2 Matches

27 Active Mentors Mentors currently Mentoring Mentors with a single Child Mentors with multiple Children

28 The Waiting List Not inclusive within the quarter Count waitlist from initial date First time = new child

29 Trying again… One match ends Child goes on rematch wait list Child is matched with new mentor

30 Ceased Ahead of Schedule Termination before 12 month mark Multiple or Unknown Initiation = other

31 Frequency Only active matches 0 – – unknown

32 Longevity All active matches grouped by longevity Ceased Matches Continuing Matches

33 Group Activities Mentor hours Mentor matches

34 Training, Support, and Administration Pre-match training Post-match training Staff follow-up Check-ins and Support

35 Demographics Children Average Age Age groups Gender Mentors – Gender Match - Cross-Gender and Cross-Race

36 Next Steps Complete username request form and to Julie Hocker Login and set password Collect data regularly Submit data on time each quarter

37 Relationship Quality Survey Administered July 1 – October 31 of each year Training at April, 2010 National Grantee Conference

38 Questions and Assistance Application Support

39 Questions and Assistance Content Assistance, Usernames Telisa Burt

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