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Core Surgical Training (CT1) Recruitment Update

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1 Core Surgical Training (CT1) Recruitment Update
Mr Humphrey Scott, Head of School of Surgery, Kent, Surrey & Sussex Deanery (KSS) Vicky Ridley-Pearson, Interim Medical Workforce Project Manager, KSS / Core Surgery National Recruitment Office (CSNRO)

2 Project Group Humphrey Scott Head of KSS School of Surgery, Lead
Louis Fligelstone Head of Wales Training School of Surgery Phil Turner Head of North Western School of Surgery Elizabeth Sharp Training Programme Director, KSS Syed Ahmed Trainee Representative (Current CT1) David Black Dean Director, KSS Deanery Angela Fletcher Head of Specialty Workforce, KSS Deanery Steve Buggle METP Operations Director, DH Adrian Horwood Lay Representative / Quality Management Coordinator Zoe Fleet Regional Coordinator Representative Vicky Ridley-Pearson Medical Workforce Manager, KSS

3 Summary of Process Single application Central Longlisting
No Shortlisting Preference ≤2 UoAs Local Interviews Central Offers National Clearing

4 CSNRO Objectives Core Surgery National Recruitment Office
Support Deaneries / save Consultant time / higher fill rate Support Applicants, dealing with enquiries / one point of entry Core Surgery National Recruitment Office Central Office / Transparency

5 Competition Ratios

6 Forecast Applications 2011

7 Interview Dates Deanery Interview Dates Number of Days
South West Peninsula 10th – 13th January 2011 4 Mersey 10th – 14th January 2011 5 Kent, Surrey and Sussex 11th – 14th January 2011 Severn 13th – 18th January 2011 East Midlands North 18th – 21st January 2011 East of England 17th – 21st January 2011 London 24th – 28th January 2011 Yorkshire & Humber Wessex Wales 24th, 25th, 26th & 28th January 2011 West Midlands 31st January – 4th February 2011 Northern 31st January- 4th February 2011 North Western 7th – 11th February 2011 East Midlands South Oxford 14th – 18th February 2011

8 National Interview Structure

9 Quality Management Group
Quality Management Group (QMG) Evaluate Project’s Objectives Attend all interviews to observe and offer consistency Report on each day and overall Support Lay Advisors / Briefing / De-Briefing Daily

10 National Offers System
Interview ≤2 Deaneries = ≤2 Results 1st Iterations Released: National Surgery Offers Day Candidates receive an offer at Post Level (where provided) Offers Released through the UK Offers System (NES) National Clearing will allow reserve candidates to re-preference UoAs

11 Communication National Recruitment Bulletin Applicants + Deaneries
- Monthly Various National Communication Days Regional Coordinator Day Deanery Communication Day CSTC Forum College Affiliates Panel Training Evenings – 5 dates: 29th November, Cardiff 1st December, London 6th December, Leeds 8th December, Birmingham 14th December, London National Surgery Website


13 Core Surgery Recruitment Website Update
20,289 hits Average time 6mins 24secs Average 8 page views per visit Overseas visitors 8th October – 8th November: 45.1% of hits are returning users for up to the minute information 34% are referred through Royal College, KSS Prospectus and Orthopaedics Surgeons websites Longest time spent on the website so far is 28 minutes from Hungary!

14 Top Ten Top Ten Country Visits (to date) 1 United Kingdom 2
New Zealand 3 Australia 4 Malaysia 5 Ireland 6 India 7 Greece 8 Italy 9 Pakistan 10 Slovakia

15 FAQ’s “What happens @ tied score?” “Can I hold an offer?”
1. Interview Score, Clinical station, Management Station, Portfolio Station 2. Self – Assessment, Clinical Audit, Presentations, Teaching “Can I hold an offer?” Through NES system you can hold ONE offer at any one time until 25 March No additional Surgery offer will be made if applicant is holding a Surgery post “At what level will I receive an offer?! Applicants rank post order online for their top two UoAs Offer made at Programme / Post level (where provided by individual Deanery)

16 Panel Training Dates Location Venue Date Time Panel Training Day in Cardiff (Cardiff Uni) 29th November 2010 (17:30 – 19:30) Panel Training Day in London (London Bridge) 1st December 2010 18:00 – 20:00 Panel Training Day in Leeds (Hilton) 6th December 2010 17:30 – 19:30 Panel Training Day in Birmingham (West Midlands Deanery) 8th December 2010 (17:30-19:30) 14th December 2010 Minimum of 15 signed up by 20/11 or evenings cancelled

17 Questions?

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