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Success in Surgical Training

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1 Success in Surgical Training
Robert Gilliland 1, 2 Jeffrey Campbell 1, 2 Helen Holscher3 Department of Surgery, Ulster Hospital Dundonald, Northern Ireland1 School of Surgery, Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency2, Royal College of Surgeons of England3 Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen. The Royal College of Surgeons of England Regional Representatives Meeting Wednesday 10th November 2010

2 Progress in Surgery WBAs unable to distinguish between trainees
What determines progress? Performance in initial interview?

3 2008 Entry

4 2006 Entry

5 Fate of Trainees What happens to trainees in lowest quartile?
What happens to trainees who leave surgery? Have we recreated the lost tribe? More core trainees More medical students

6 Project Heads of School NI Regional Co-ordinator
Deanery data (not ISCP) Contacting Heads/CST PD

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