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Newcastle & LEAP2a Paul Horner.

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1 Newcastle & LEAP2a Paul Horner

2 Atom Atom was our preferred choice because… 1.It’s simple 2.Complex (and unique) objects can degrade to simpler objects

3 Export 1.Map the ePortfolio objects to LEAP2a types 2.Go through the ePortfolio objects one by one 3.Standard URIs for IDS allow us to link to objects that we haven’t created yet 4.Generate the XML 5.We haven’t done a zip export (yet)

4 Export A quick demo…

5 Import A two stage process 1.Upload the data 2.Select what elements to keep

6 Import – stage 1 Upload the data 1.Tables that replicate the LEAP2a structure 2.The link types are less important to us (parent/child references are more useful) 3.Make checks for duplicate records & errors in the XML

7 Import – stage 2 Select what to keep 1.A wizard-type approach 2.Choose records based on the ePortfolio tools

8 A few notes on importing 1.It’s a long way from being complete… 2.We felt that it was important to allow students to take ownership of what gets imported 3.This is how we’ve chosen to do it and it might not be the right solution for everyone

9 Import A quick demo… (bearing in mind that it’s not finished)

10 Thanks...

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