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2 Module Evaluation I must admit that I have been surprised at how stimulating and thought ‐ provoking I have found this module to be. From a purely personal perspective, undertaking the module involved a reconsideration of my own purpose, and the sorting through of the multiple dimensions and preoccupations of my life. I consider that one of the key aspects of the module was its capacity to develop interpersonal working and the ability to work within a group dynamic. I consider that the recognition of individual strengths and weaknesses is a key factor, not only in the recognition of individual contributions, but also in effective team building. I have definitely learned that assembling a team is a skill in itself. The module was very instructive and useful. Thank you.

3 Module Participants (70) >BMus Music >BMus Popular Music >BA Music Technology >BA Musical Theatre >BA Sound Production Top-Up >NISS Popular Music/Music Tech Top-Up >Yamaha Music/Popular Music Top-Up

4 Module Organisation Speed dating; skills wheel; team roles; visiting speakers; setting objectives; team presentations; dry-run feedback; group business planning; success criteria; PDP & reflection; journey (module/Uni); Portfolio career. Creative Happenings These were assessed by Group Report (50%) and PDP (50%) and module staff also attended/engaged with each happening as appropriate.

5 Musicator: Primary School Workshops As my journey progresses, I experience new situations be it a good or bad one. With that said, teaching a group class is actually not as difficult as I previously thought. However, the passion for teaching is needed in order to not find it as a daily job, but an interest and part of our life. Besides being able to improve myself and became more employable, I believe that throughout the process, I have found my Element which is performing. After this process, as mentioned in the beginning quotation (Ken Robinson), I am able to grasp a sense of my life's ambition and I believe I need to begin working for it now as I have acquired the motivation to set a course to achieve it.

6 DAI: Dementia Awareness Initiative It has come to the end of an incredible three years! This journey has given me vital experience and knowledge of dealing with people in the community. I have gained immeasurable verbal, communication and emotional skills to enable me to build confidence in meeting people and conversing with them. I have also learned how important it is to engage with people who have age and disabling problems and I have found it can be the most joyous, but sometimes the saddest place, depending on what was going on. The pleasure giving to this community group was evident which gave us all a feeling of pride and a job well done! It is also been rewarding to work as a team; I have gained the understanding that other people’s views are important and through countless negotiations satisfactory outcomes are achievable when working together as a group - and this is something I am truly grateful for. ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success’ (Henry Ford, 1863-1947).

7 Groove Synergy: Confidence-Building Workshop The Groove Synergy workshop was conducted at 2pm on 11/04/13 at Village Hotel, Walsall. Six members of staff, chosen by senior management from across departments, were the participants. Also in attendance were the deputy general manager of the hotel and Emma Smith, who is responsible for the company’s training programme. The attendance of these two senior figures underlines the importance of the workshop to the hotel. GS started the event by underlining how we had connected our ethos to the Village training philosophy. During each of the following exercises we were explicit in not only how each exercise connected to that philosophy but also how they connected to the daily work life of staff (Appendix F). Appendices N, O, P and Q contain each member’s personal recollections regarding what happened during the workshop.

8 Challenge the Authority: Eggheads Quiz After taking a team role test, I discovered that my main role in the team would be best suited as the plant. I also held a minor role as the resource investigator. According to R. Meredith Belbin, the plant’s role involves coming up with creative ideas or solutions. My contributions to the team in this area included: imagining the idea of a lecturer-student game show, devising scripts for the adverts, conceiving ideas for the game show presenters’ scripts, conceiving the idea for the ‘Obscure Musical Instruments’ round in the game show. The resource investigator’s role involves developing contacts. I contributed in this way as I already had a contact with the Venue Manager and Performance Hub Promoter, Neil Reading. I liaised with Neil in order to confirm that our team could use our ideal venue, the Black Box, and contacted him in order to get hold of and edit the risk assessments needed for the event. One of my allowable weaknesses as the plant is that though I have many ideas, I don't always plan and implement them well. The implementer(s) in the group aided in making sure any good and relevant ideas I had were planned strategically and then carried out.

9 FE Colleges’ Music Industry Workshop The happening and the overall experience of working with a group could have been much better in my opinion. I found the outcome difficult to accept, as it was not ‘perfect’. I felt some things were not done properly or to a high enough standard. The module has certainly been an interesting one and I have discovered many things about the subject and about myself. I have found myself in a position where I have had to be assertive following communication breakdown and compatibility issues within the group. I have learnt how to be tactful and clarify what is meant. I have been able to accept when I require help and compromise in situations. Accepting criticism was not easy initially but I have adapted to this and can look at what can be made positive from a negative situation. The idea behind producing the PDP is to look at my continuous cycle of self-reflection and action. It has encouraged me to learn extensively, develop myself further and also incorporate these skills and experiences to plan for the future by becoming more self- aware.

10 Bring To View: SSPAL Open Day Entertainment I believe that as an individual and being part of a group we have hit our success criteria; even though our audience was coming and going the feedback from staff, lecturers and potential students was very positive. Module leader Kevin Stannard emailed us some great feedback from the happening. There is definitely a business plan for the university in organizing happenings such as ours by travelling to colleges and schools showing other students what the Performance Hub offers and the talent that is out there. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this process, I have made new working relationships and gained a lot more knowledge of myself as well as my future career.

11 Other happenings >Star City: Chinese Song Contest >Uni Vibes Presents... Cancer Charity Fund-Raising Gig >Stellar Songs: Music Industry Song-Writing Pitch >Walsall White Noise: Radio Broadcast >Documentary: Birmingham Band Scene >Team Takeover: Radio Broadcast


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