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Computer Science Concepts Lecture 1 - Introduction.

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1 Computer Science Concepts Lecture 1 - Introduction

2 About this module Each week: one lecture & one tutorial week8 – week12 in Lab, other weeks in classroom In-class test (not assessed) at the end of each lecture It is monitored for potentially 'at risk' students. Both lecture and tutorial are registered. Lecture’s attendance is published on the module website.

3 Assessment One exam (50%) + Two assignments (25% each) Exam – multiple choice questions (similar style to in-class tests) Assignment is split into some small work, given out incrementally.

4 What is Computer Science? What is a computer (or a computation)? Are all computers ‘the same’? Are there limit to what a computer can do? What tools can we use for complex problems? Are some problems harder than others? Are some problems too hard?

5 Computation 1

6 Computation 2

7 Data A B C 1 2 3 Δ Ω قق ♫♫ 你好 Data = Discrete symbols from finite alphabet (s) -What should be the most basic unit of data? - How can they be combined to represent more complex data?

8 Symbolic Data Eg. alphabet = { 0, 1 }

9 Finite Alphabets and Binary

10 Computation 3

11 Arithmetic Add ‘1’ to number Turn switch on/off Move hand forward ‘1’ All basic operation are: Simple Mechanisable Deterministic

12 Control If a bit is 0 then If next input is ‘z’ then If a > b then If in state X, then All tests are: Simple Mechanisable Deterministic

13 Memory Distinguishable(typically having address) A symbol / location(maybe several symbols) Modifiable(read/may be write) Reliable(contents don’t change)

14 Memo for In-class test [ /5] questionsmy answers correct answers comments 1 2 3 4 5

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