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Year 1 & 2 CV Session using PACE Maria Curran Career Development Centre.

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1 Year 1 & 2 CV Session using PACE Maria Curran Career Development Centre

2 Career Development Centre Room 13G01 (Mall) Opening Times: 9.00a.m.- 5.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday 9.00a.m.- 1.00 p.m. Friday Drop In Advice: 10.00am.- 11.00am. 2.00pm.- 3.00pm (not Fridays)

3 How can we help you?  Information, Advice and Guidance  Employer Events / Talks (October, Assembly Hall)  Open Career Seminars  Online Tools and Resources

4 Your CV should be like a good 30 second TV advertisement

5 CV – Employer’s Point of View  Provides a resume of relevant facts about candidates  Presented in a recognised format  Reveals -Who you are -What you can do -How you can contribute to the organisation -If it’s worthwhile interviewing you

6 What to Include 1.Personal Details 2.Career Objective 3.Education - Summary - Year 1 modules (results pending) - Other Qualifications 4.IT Skills 5.Work Experience 6.Interests and Achievements 7.Additional Information 8.Referees

7 Personal Details Name Address Telephone numbers Email address

8 Career Objective Your objective should be short, (2-3 lines maximum), punchy and carefully worded for maximum impact. Examples:  I would like to further my academic and practical skills in IT as well as the opportunity to work on challenging tasks in a team or on my own.  To embark on a career with opportunities which allows me to utilise the skills which I have learned over the years in work and education, while also allowing me to continue gaining new IT skills.  My aim is to work with professionals and learn from them the valuable skills that are needed to become a success in the IT role. I am enthusiastic and eager to learn and will strive to work to the best of my ability.

9 Education  Reverse chronological order – degree backwards  Degree: List modules & grades (pending)  Other Qualifications: A Level, GCSE, MS Office Specialist in Powerpoint, ECDL  Don’t go further back than GCSEs or Leaving Cert

10 IT Skills  Use the skill as a sub header and below detail how you have demonstrated this skill in the past  Power words tend to be used to create powerful phrases with strong impact and are useful in job applications. Examples of power words or phrases include; 'Demonstrated skills in', 'Extensive academic/practical background in', 'Experienced in all aspects of', 'Knowledge of/experienced as/proficient in', 'Provided technical assistance to' etc. Power words

11 IT Skills Operating Systems  Make sure you include all the operating systems that you have experience of or will have by the end of your second year. Avoid simply listing but rather describe how much practical experience you have of each. Have you installing an operating system? Have you partitioned a disk and had installed a different operating system on a partition. Have you used virtualization software to run a virtual guest operating system on your host? Windows XP and Vista (advanced), MAC (basic) Mac OS X (intermediate) Linux Ubuntu (basic) These skills include installing operating systems, partitioning hard drives and running virtual operating systems.

12  Development Languages  Note that XML and HTML are mark up languages and should NOT be included in this section.  Avoid simply listing languages but include enough detail to allow the person shortlisting to appreciate your level of competence in each language. SQL, HTML, XML (advanced) Visual Basic, PHP (intermediate) ASP.Net, Javascript (basic)  I achieved 67% using Visual Programming module. In that module I developed a lot machine game and a booking system for my project.  I am currently studying Web Application Development module which requires the use of VB.

13  Applications Avoid simply listing packages you have used. Give examples which show the extent to which you have used each package. Include your usage of any ‘advanced’ features within packages. This is your chance to make your CV more attractive than your competitors. If you have experience of a large number of applications you may wish to make a judicious selection which portrays you in the most advantageous way MS Access, Word, Excel, Powerpoint (advanced) Dreamweaver, Photoshop, MS Viso, Visual Studio, Virtual Box(basic) I consider myself a fast learner when being introduced to new applications. I learnt X on my home computer in 2 months.

14 Other skills  Include here any IT skills not mentioned above.  Don’t forget hardware skills/ building a PC/setting up a wireless network at home /troubleshooting for friends/experience of mobile devices/Bluetooth/ …..  Any experience of XML, HTML etc ?  In the Web Technologies module I learned HTML along with CSS, Javascript and PHP. I was able to put these into practice in a project which was to create a fully functional 15 page website.

15 Work Experience  Start with most recent one  In your description, bring out the most important aspects of the job.  Be sure to point out where you worked in a team, had to deal with public, had positions of trust or responsibility, had to prioritise work, cope with interruptions, reschedule work. Note skills acquired – and equipment/techniques used  Don’t use words or acronynms which shortlisters are unlikely to have met.  Include part-time, vacation and voluntary work

16 Interests & Achievements  Prizes & Awards (Duke of Ed)  Positions of responsibility  Sports activities  Extra curricular activities (music)  Voluntary work  Travel  If there are no achievements to record then make your interests as interesting as possible.

17 Additional Information  You may need to record a space in the field(s) and save this to avoid messages such as Component incomplete appearing on your CV.

18 Referees  1 academic and 1 work related (neither of whom should be related to you)  Give name, title, address, phone & email  Always get permission, and inform when you are using their names

19 CV – the Essentials  Be professional  Use bullet points  No more that 2 pages  Be positive  Check grammar and spelling  Do not give incorrect information  You are responsible for optimizing your CV. You need to keep it up to date throughout year 1 and refreshed as you learn more in your year 1 modules.

20 On-line Resources   under careers advice  under jobs and work

21 Action Plan  Start a CV/Job Application folder Certificates of education Proof of courses you took List of accomplishments Address & phone number of potential referees Anything else you need to help you get organised  Contact referees for permission

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