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Creating a good CV Marion Gerson, Jeff Waldock February 2009.

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1 Creating a good CV Marion Gerson, Jeff Waldock February 2009

2 Creating a good CV Creating a CV - why do it now? 60 points out of 1000 for this module Put it in your professional portfolio Have it ready  if you look for a job or work camp in the summer  if you want to try and get a placement next year  if you want teaching experience And............

3 Creating a good CV Use it to think about your life What have I done? What do I want to do? What else do I need in order to get from here to there?

4 Creating a good CV Write down (You will NOT be expected to read this out!) 1. Something important or interesting or fun that you have done quite recently 2. What you want to do after you leave university

5 Creating a good CV Was that difficult? No Preparing your CV is largely a matter of making sure layout & grammar are good Yes You are going to have to work much harder at your CV, but it will be well worth doing

6 Creating a good CV Let's have a look at a CV C1 This is for a 2nd year maths student who is trying to get a placement now.  Try to look at this as if you were an employer  Mark the things that stand out  What is not so good about this CV?

7 Creating a good CV What makes a good CV? Content Good grammar Layout

8 Creating a good CV Layout There are no fixed rules except (for the UK) 2 pages But as a guideline try to make it  Nice to look at  Not too crowded  Key information seen easily

9 Creating a good CV Look at another CV C2 Do you like the way this is laid out? Quickly underline or circle the key information or selling points on this CV Were they easy to find?

10 Look at another CV Take a quick look at C3. Is it well laid out? What message does this give the potential employer? Creating a good CV

11 Layout (cont) This is your shop window, so put anything you see as important in a prominent position Put your most recent job or education first  But this is not an absolute rule White space is important. Compare C4 and C5. Don't use small font or reduce the margins to make everything fit in. Use size 11 font. Use bold or highlighting sparingly

12 Creating a good CV Good grammar Why do you think this is so important?

13 Creating a good CV Good grammar Try to write short sentences. Use punctuation correctly. Decide whether you want  Bullet points and phrases (e.g. reverse of C5)  Proper sentences DON'T trust the spell checker Get help with proof-reading

14 Creating a good CV Problem words I  Find different ways of starting a sentence Also  Underline all examples in your CV then work to eliminate some of them Extensive, highly, extremely, etc.  Use VERY sparingly  Overstating your skills can backfire (C1, C4)

15 Creating a good CV Useful words (Use sparingly and only if you mean them) enjoy, like, passionate about analytical, logical, problem solving accurate, careful, systematic, on time enthusiastic, keen, interested in develop, learn, experience, new, open to

16 Creating a good CV CONTENT - essential Contact details Education and qualifications  Most up to date, including marks for 1st year IT Skills Work experience (paid and unpaid) Personal and professional skills Activities and interests 2 References (Wendy Jackson + A N Other)

17 Creating a good CV CONTENT - optional A personal statement which might include  What kind of person you are  A summary of your personal qualities  What ambitions you have  What kind of job you are looking for SHORT - Maximum 4 or 5 lines Likely to be on the front page – C1, C4, C5  What do you notice about these statements?

18 Creating a good CV Leaving things out - 1 Don't try to cover up poor results  Employers can guess what these are If there is a big gap in your CV the employer will see it.  A brief explanation may be useful, perhaps in the personal statement

19 Creating a good CV Leaving things out - 2 "Do I have to tell them about my disability?" No But you might want to. Seek advice to help you decide what and how to disclose.

20 Creating a good CV Leaving things out - 3 "Do I have to tell them about my marital status or family responsibility?" No Not unless you want to Think about what this tells the employer

21 Creating a good CV Leaving things out - 4 "Do I have to tell them my age?"  Or sex, race, nationality or religion? No A few companies are even asking for CVs without dates on! Decide what you want the employer to know

22 Creating a good CV Leaving things out - 5 "I have too much to go onto 2 pages"  You may look back in pride at that swimming certificate, but will it help you get a job?  Remove what has been superseded  A brief reference to an interesting job, hobby or experience can be used as a 'hook' to get them to ask you more in the interview

23 Creating a good CV Making the most of what you have Tell them what you put into an experience and what you learned – C5  not (just) details of what you did Choose what you think will 'sell' you  you are looking for a professional job Create 'hooks' - C5

24 Creating a good CV "I don't have enough to put in" You won't be alone!  But that doesn't help you This is an important reason for starting to think about this NOW

25 Creating a good CV Improving the content Work at getting good grades  "90% of success is just showing up" Woody Allen Take your IT and programming skills seriously  SAS  Visual Basic Use the summer to  Get a job  Organise a trip  Do some voluntary work or help other people  Develop an interest (new or existing)  Or all of the above

26 Creating a good CV What to do NOW Prepare your CV Use the standard header  You can easily take it off or change it later Include 1st and 2nd year modules  Leave a space for 1st year results (or put in guesses!) Check grammar and layout Ask for help/advice from Jeff or myself  Marion Gerson Harmer 2212

27 Creating a good CV Sending it in Name it SurnameFirstnameCV v1.doc  e.g. GersonMarionCV v1.doc Send it to To arrive by midnight of Thursday 5th March Otherwise you get 0 marks

28 Creating a good CV When you have sent it in It will be graded and points awarded  A - 60 Employer will definitely want to see you  B - 40 Employer will probably want to see you  C - 20 Interview only if few qualified applicants  D - 10 Serious problems with this CV  E - 5 Definitely don't interview If you want to improve your mark, you can  come and ask me for help (room 2212)  resubmit by midnight on Thursday 19th March

29 Creating a good CV Finally The CV is your personal statement People like us can give you advice But in the end it is YOUR decision and YOUR responsibility what you put in it and how you set it out It should change and develop along with you  Don't use something that is out of date

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