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Publishers JISC Collections 20 November 2008 | JISC Collections AGM 2008 | Slide 1 Jisc APC - Publishers Subtitle.

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1 Publishers JISC Collections 20 November 2008 | JISC Collections AGM 2008 | Slide 1 Jisc APC - Publishers Subtitle

2 JISC Collections Publishers Approach and Feedback

3 Publishers JISC Collections Jisc APC Introducing the Jisc APC platform to Publishers JISC Collection’s traditional role Post Finch A trusted party Our membership JISC Collections seeking to provide a service to address needs of OA author payments OAK as partner with appropriate system and technological know-how

4 Publishers JISC Collections 53 publishers account for 80% of RCUK and Wellcome trust funded articles List provided by Wellcome Trust Any others? OAK’s involvement with these publishers Our knowledge and experience Priority order Publishers Approached

5 Publishers JISC Collections NESLi2 Publishers – Gold hybrid - Approach PublisherCurrent statusDemo American Chemical SocietyConsidering11th March BMJ Publishing GroupConsidering12th March Cambridge University PressConsidering1st March ElsevierInternal decision. Likely to hear in April7th March IOPMeeting arranged Nature Publishing GroupInterested. Considering technical aspects4th March OUPDelayed decision due to internal situationPlanned Palgrave MacmillanJust launched OA.Not yet Royal Society of ChemistryNot yet met.Arranged SAGE PublicationsVery interested.5th March Springer (Open Choice)Not yet met. Taylor & Francis GroupHas been in touchPlanned Wiley-BlackwellAlready invested in back-end and sees as duplicate work but wants to be involved in pilot Some have seen.

6 Publishers JISC Collections Small-Medium Publishers - Approach

7 Publishers JISC Collections Publishers attending group webinar 22 nd March SPIE SIAM Society for General Microbiology American Society for Nutrition American Society of Hematology Peer J Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology (ARVO) Geological Society American Physiological Society (APS)

8 Publishers JISC Collections Totally Gold Open Access Hindawi 499 titles BioMed Central 250 titles Ubiquity Press 12 titles PLOS 7 titles including PLOS One Co-Action 4 titles PeerJ 1 title

9 Publishers JISC Collections Jisc APC Benefits for Publishers Consolidated negotiations: JISC Collections is the known negotiator for the same UK community for NESLi2 journal agreements, discounted APCs, datasets and ebook deals. Consolidated publisher payments: JISC Collections already organises payments between institutions and publishers and is a trusted party in this process. Publishers will gain the reach of more institutions that are using the same approach and depositing APC funds in the system. Publisher will raise their OA profile to UK-mandated institutions with funds for OA publishing.

10 Publishers JISC Collections Jisc APC Benefits for Publishers Unique service: No other service currently available offering the same level of support to publishers and institutions. The service supports and benefits OA publishing. Improved cash flow: JISC Collections will ensure regular and timely payments for all articles purchased by the institutions in the prior month or week and providing regular reports. This means we will be keeping track of revenues for the publisher rather than the publisher having to spend time chasing for payments. Retain individual business rules: The way we work with the publisher will mirror the current working practice the publisher has in place. Each publisher may have different preferences and we can manage these.

11 Publishers JISC Collections Jisc APC Benefits for Publishers Retain existing membership accounts: Institutions may have different rates related to memberships, already agreed, and these rates can continue. Reduce time and cost of administration Publishers are likely to reduce their overhead costs through using Jisc APC when outsourcing the APC payment collection and reporting process to JISC Collections. Reduce expenditure on an in-house system Jisc APC outputs can work with other in-house systems such as Sage, meaning the publishers doesn’t need to invest in a system to deal with this particular task. Increased article submissions An easy to use payment interface encourages increased submissions

12 Publishers JISC Collections Publisher Participation Agreement An agreement between JISC Collections and the Publisher Sets out obligations of each party Institutions sign an Institutional Participation Agreement.

13 Publishers JISC Collections Discussions with Publishers Technological / system Funding Credit control

14 Publishers JISC Collections Talking to Publishers: Technical Concerns A discussion between OAK and the Publisher Options for transferring metadata to Jisc APC Level of participation –UK articles: identifying these from the rest Completed transition data Consistent data: author names, institutions etc (ORCID ID) How does publisher integrate modified data back into their accounting system?

15 Publishers JISC Collections The core information we require from a publisher is: Mandatory: Unique ID from the Publisher for the payment – This could be: a Document No or Manuscript Number or DOI Name of Corresponding Author Organisation or Company Name Email Address of Corresponding Author Journal Name Article Title Price Any additional publication charges – page charges, colour charges etc Any ad hoc discount information Optional: Co –Author Name and Contact emails Publication Date Volume Number Issue Number URL of Article

16 Publishers JISC Collections Talking to Publishers: Money issues What happens when the funding runs out? How will JISC Collections let publishers and institutions know that there are insufficient funds left where money is deposited in Jisc APC? How will publishers get paid if deposited funds aren’t available to pay outstanding fees? –Will institutions pay an invoice from other funds? –Will an author pay on their “back-up” credit card? –Is JISC Collections responsible? When is the “Effective Date” for applying APCs? –on acceptance or on publication? Should this vary by publisher? Using submissions figures to predict likely funds Limiting funds to a department or faculty for pilot?

17 Publishers JISC Collections Talking to Publishers: Splitting APCs & Credit Control Impact of corresponding author splitting the APC: –Co-author may be at another institution in the Jisc APC pilot –Co-author may be an another institution abroad What happens when co-author doesn’t pay their invoice? Is Jisc APC institution responsible for fulfilling the full APC charge? Some publishers indicated a preference not to split the APC Is this a publisher policy, an author’s decision or an institutional policy?

18 Publishers JISC Collections Publisher and Institutional Survey Address common themes Best practice Consensus of opinion? Guidance for institutions

19 Publishers JISC Collections Questions?

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