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Absence Credit Tracking System April 10, 2002. Team Members: Joshua Allen Dave Kristensen Greg Ludwinski Samantha Ratnapuli.

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1 Absence Credit Tracking System April 10, 2002

2 Team Members: Joshua Allen Dave Kristensen Greg Ludwinski Samantha Ratnapuli

3 Client Regional Municipality of Durham, Whitby, Ontario Stakeholders Jennifer A. Purrott, Computer Support Coordinator Emily Mckay, Employee Services Assistant Teresa Shepperdson, Co-ordinator, Disability and Pensions Ron Blakey, IT Project Manager

4 What is the Business Problem? Need to Track and Manage Employee: Absences Absence Credit Balances

5 How is the problem currently being resolved? Sick Leave System (SLS) Cobol and Powerhouse System Data Stored in a Flat File Text Based User Interface Batch File Processing Text Based Reports

6 What is Wrong With the Current System? Data in Flat File Getting out of Hand Affiliation rules have changed Old system does not have enough floating point precision System is at End of lifecycle Maintenance Costs becoming too Large Batch File Processing Cannot tell if an employee is out of credits until file is batch processed at the end of the week

7 What is Wrong With the Current System? No Source Code Documentation GUI not User Friendly No User Access Permission Levels Poor Output, Reports/ Statistics HR Department requested a new System


9 Solution: Developed New System Absence Credit Tracking System (ACTS)

10 How does ACTS solve existing problems? Ease of Use Swing GUI Windows Look and Feel User Friendly User Options (Date Formats Etc.) ACTS Processes Transactions immediately





15 Documentation Online User Documentation Manuals System Administrative User JavaDoc Used to Document Source Code


17 Report Generation Generates HTML Based Reports Generates Tab Delimited Text Based Reports for Exporting Data Reports on Employees and Absences. Report Requests Queued Reports sent by E-mail


19 RMI Object Server Data Stored in Oracle Database Automated Table Creation Automated Flat File Integration Embedded Jython Interpreter Trace Tab shows Debugging Output




23 System Architecture 3 Tiered system Separates Business Rules, Interface and Persistence Store Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC)



26 Security Network Security through SSL Application Security Through Username Password Passwords are saved in Encrypted Format Authentication for all Remote Method Calls All Security Implemented on Server Side Audit Trail Tracks all System Transactions User Management and access levels

27 Who will use ACTS? Durham Region Human Resources: ACTS System Administrators, approximately four Designated Department: Regular Users, approximately 25



30 Added Functionality Web Based Software Distribution Using Java WebStart Automatic Software Updates Flexible Business Rule Management

31 Software Design Object Oriented Design Class Diagram and CRC Cards Object Interfaces Direct Mapping Between Objects and Database



34 Software Process Model Waterfall Model with Prototype Requirements Definition System and Software Design Implementation and Unit Testing Integration and System Testing Operation and Maintenance

35 Prototype Used Visual Basic

36 Implementation and Unit Testing Java Programming Language Portability Ease of installation Programming Environment: JDK 1.4, Forte as IDE JUnit Testing Technique Used for White box Testing Java Help and HelpBreeze used for Online Help Light Weight Persistence Library from:

37 Conclusion Whats Left? Interface Adjustments Installation Black Box Testing Please visit the 400 Solutions Web Site

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