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Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Interviews workshop.

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1 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Interviews workshop

2 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Firstly Well done on getting an interview The employer is interested in you and wants to find out more about you They want you to do well So think positive and be positive! Being anxious or nervous is normal

3 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Other activities Presentation Role play Group exercise In tray exercise IT skills test Assessment Centre Psychometric testing

4 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Bear in mind Some interviewers will be more experienced than others Some companies will have more structured interviews than others Make sure you get across the key things that you want to say

5 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Activity: What questions could they ask? In pairs, discuss: AT LEAST three sources of information that might help you anticipate questions AT LEAST four general questions that you think you might be asked

6 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Activity: In pairs, suggest a good answer Tell us a little about yourself Why do you want to work here? What is your biggest weakness? How would your friends describe you? What do you think are the greatest challenges currently facing this industry?

7 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Activity: Questions to ask In pairs, think of AT LEAST five questions that you could ask at the end of an interview

8 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Possible Questions to Ask Where does this job/section/department fit into the organisation? Who would I be responsible to, what would my objectives be? Is there an induction programme for new staff? What sort of training would be provided? What are the prospects for future development? Check that you know what happens next

9 Richard Newman, Careers Adviser Afterwards Make a note of the questions you were asked – these will help you if you need another interview, and may help a friend if you don’t You can follow up with a polite phone call if you don’t hear within the agreed timescale If you’re not successful, don’t despair – you and the company weren’t right for each other, that’s all It is acceptable to phone and ask for feedback if you want to do better next time

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