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Murray Lewis (s0801729) An environmentally conscious pirate game.

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1 Murray Lewis (s0801729) An environmentally conscious pirate game

2 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Contents Game Overview Gameplay Game World Characters User Interface Sound & Music FMVs & Cutscenes Control Scheme

3 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Game Overview Concept / Background Story Target Audience Mock-up

4 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Original Game Concept In Amazon Ahoy! you must use wit and cunning to gather a crew and stop Greybeard the Vicious destroying the Amazon rain forest Background Story Game Overview

5 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Background Story Jim Cutlass was just a young lad looking for adventure when he heard Greybeard the Vicious was docked at the port where he lived. He smuggled himself aboard to look for some kind of treasure but, as he sneaked around, the ship started to move and Jim realised he was along for the ride... Game Overview

6 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Target Audience Primary school age children (7-11 years old). Sustainability theme. Game must be fun and interesting. Available for download from website Game Overview

7 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Mock-up Game Overview

8 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Gameplay Gameplay Objectives Gameplay Features Game Flowchart

9 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Gameplay Objectives Find all 4 potential crew-members Complete all 4 quests– one per crew- member –Find the two halves of a lost cutlass! –Discover treasure! –Get a ship! –Rescue a goat! Sail to the Amazon and defeat Greybeard! Gameplay

10 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Gameplay Features Player controls Jim in 3 rd Person Select an interaction mode from the bar at the top, then click on objects. –Look –Use –Talk Inventory system Gameplay

11 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Gameplay Features 2 Dialogue system between characters Walking to hotspots is automatic When leaving areas, map of island is displayed for fast travelling Gameplay

12 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Game Flowchart Start of Game Cutlass Treasure Ship Goat Meet Crew and Set Sail Defeat Greybeard End of Game Quests Gameplay

13 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Game World World Overview Concept Art Game Engine Levels

14 Murray Lewis (s0801729) World Overview Mainly based on Picaroon Island –Beach –Mountains –City –Jungle –Docks –'Smugglers' Cove' Game World

15 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Concept Game World

16 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Game Engine Adventure game engine –AGI (Sierra) –SCUMM (LucasArts) –Adventure Game Studio –Graphical Adventure Game Engine –Advent –Lixoo Game World

17 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Levels – Main Map Game World

18 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Landing Point Game World

19 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Mountains Entrance Game World

20 Murray Lewis (s0801729) City Game World

21 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Cove Overlook Game World

22 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Cove Game World

23 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Docks Game World

24 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Jungle Entrance Game World

25 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Lost City Game World

26 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Temple Peak Game World

27 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Mountains Game World

28 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Cave Game World

29 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Jungle Puzzle Game World

30 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Characters Jim Cutlass Greybeard the Vicious Side Characters Items Height Comparison Asset Reveal Schedule

31 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Jim Cutlass 18 year-old with a thirst for adventure Grew up in Docktown, England. Loves all things nautical and hopes to be a famous buccaneer Quiet and unassuming Assumes the best of everyone Optimistic and always sees the bright side Characters

32 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Pictures of Jim Characters

33 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Greybeard the Vicious The most feared pirate to sail the seven seas His ship, Xerxes, uses a wood-fired propulsion system To fuel his ship, Greybeard must find huge amounts of wood He decides to set sail for the Amazon rainforest to steal the timber Characters

34 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Picture of Greybeard Characters

35 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Side Characters Barry the Bladesman Sidney the Salesman Sam the Sheriff Simon the Shepherd Characters

36 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Height Comparison of Characters Characters

37 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Items Cutlass HandleCutlass Blade Cake Ship SailShip Treasure Chest Characters

38 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Asset Reveal Schedule As an adventure game, there are no 'enemies' as such in Amazon Ahoy!. Everything that can be picked up in the game exists from the start of the game until the player picks them up, the only thing which moves are the characters. Upon the routing of the smugglers, the Sheriff appears outside his office in the city, and once all four quests are completed all four characters will appear at the docks. Characters

39 Murray Lewis (s0801729) User Interface Interface Overview Main Menu In-game UI Inventory UI Dialogue UI Game Layout Chart

40 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Interface Overview Consistent GUI: –Blue colour scheme –Rounded edges –Clear buttons: Symbols on in-game bar Text on menus User Interface

41 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Main Menu User Interface

42 Murray Lewis (s0801729) In-game UI User Interface

43 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Dialogue UI User Interface

44 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Inventory UI User Interface

45 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Game Layout Chart User Interface

46 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Aural Themes Voices inflected with 'pirate' accent Sounds of the sea –Seagulls –Waves crashing Music influenced by jigs & sea shanties

47 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Introduction Cutscene

48 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Introduction Part 2

49 Murray Lewis (s0801729) Control Scheme

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