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Enviroman Version 1.0 Created basic game ideas. Decided on just Single Player; Multiplayer not needed for a game of this specification. Enviroman Version.

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3 Enviroman Version 1.0 Created basic game ideas. Decided on just Single Player; Multiplayer not needed for a game of this specification. Enviroman Version 1.1 Tweaked many areas of the game including: more different types of objects, reduced objects appearing due to realising first/second level seemed too easy. Enviroman Version 1.2 Increased overall difficulty curve as some of my feedback given illustrated to me my game was too easy after the first and second levels. Enviroman Version 1.3 (Final) Produced standard system requirements (these will be adequate for school computers). Added FAQ/Common Questions. Added Lock N’ Load’s website link to game screens.

4 “Due to extensive research and testing the government has declared that the world has just 50 years to survive before global warming is increased so much that the world will be under water. It is your job, as Enviroman to help people to start saving energy, reduce CO2 emissions, recycle and save the earth before it’s too late.”

5 For example…




9 Enviroman (Main Character): Enviroman is a being brought onto Earth to save humans from themselves. He is human on the outside but alien within. He has unique powers which you will fully reveal throughout the game as it progresses by collecting the special powers objects on each level. Enviroman is very intelligent and has an awful lot of knowledge behind him.

10 John (Non-Playing Character): John is a representation of a typical human man within my game. All of the others characters within my game will be similar to him in terms of they will be human yet vectored to be slightly cartoon like.

11 Laura (Non-Playing Character): Laura is a representation of a typical human women within my game. Just like the men within my game who have been vectored to look much more like a cartoon, the women have been too.

12 Game logo Menu options Producer’s logo (linked to their website)

13 Allows for a name to be typed Drop down to select weapon Drop down to select game difficulty Starts the game with selected options Clears the form to have default values

14 Loading bars showing how much loading has been completed Loading popup, stating the game is loading

15 Contains saved games from past (showing their dates) Load Game popup The game which is selected can either be deleted or loaded

16 Popup options block Different types of options tabs Close button to exit options and return to main menu

17 Popup quit menu Confirmation of quitting Original screen behind

18 Popup Save Game menu Clear name Original game screen behind (paused) Save current game with associated name

19 Interface around Main game area Other features such as weapon power, current level etc Character health Enviroman logo





24 Level 1 Bracknell Level 2 Ascot Level 3Level 4Level 5>Level 25 Linear structure map diagram:

25 Interface around Main game area Main character Main game play area Other features such as weapon power, current level etc Character health

26 Gameplay Elements: Weapons, Objects, Doors, Enemies, Buildings, Special powers, Weapons: Enviroman will have access to many different types of weapons throughout many different levels within the game. These weapons will all have different good/bad properties about them in certain situations. The following are the weapons available to Enviroman: Level 1 – Litter Pick Level 6 – Trash Can Level 12– Black Bag Level 21 – Recycling Box

27 Objects: During the game you (as Enviroman) must go around and collect energy, this energy will help you to get through to the next level. As well as collecting energy you must also complete the associated tasks given to you at the start of each level. As well as being able to collect energy you will also be able to collect health to ensure you stay alive and then ammo for your weapons and powers. Health, Energy, Ammo, Super powers. Doors: Enviroman will be able to open selected doors to enter buildings or rooms. If some doors are locked then he may need to find the key within the level. Enemies: Enemies within the game will be people who are non believers of the global warming effect theory even though there has been a release in evidence.

28 Buildings: Enviroman may be able to enter some buildings depending on what they are, if they cannot be accessed then he may be able to use some of his special powers. Special powers: As the levels progress Enviroman will start to learn new special powers by collecting special power objects within certain areas of the maps. These special powers are powers such as flying and slight invisibility.

29 Beginning Cut Scene: Once a New Game has been loaded a short video will be executed. To give you an idea of the video that would be shown I have created 3 images to illustrate Enviroman fading into the room. On his arrival Enviroman wakes to be confused by his surroundings; he then activates his powers and vanishes through the wall into the real world; starting in Bracknell. The audio to be used will be Enviroman mumbling in confusion and high tech music which fades in and gets faster as he leaves the room.

30 WASD used for movement. Spacebar used for jumping. CTRL used for crouching. Numbers used for selecting items and weapons. E used for action. ESC used for main menu. Print screen used for taking a screenshot within the game. Arrows can also be used for movement. Shift used for walking.

31 Left click used for attacking. Right click used for zooming in. Side buttons are all used for increasing/decreasing sensitivity. (Only if applicable) Mouse wheel used for scrolling of weapons/items.

32 Energy object – This object is required within each level, it is what Enviroman needs to collect to progress. The increase in energy he stores will mean that less energy can be used by humans. Health object – Enviroman needs health at certain points within the game, these objects will keep him alive. Ammo object – This object is needed so that Enviroman can use his weapons more efficiently. Without any ammo the weapons will not be able to be used. Special powers – Certain special powers can be revealed over certain levels in the game, these special powers will help him to achieve his goals and objectives.

33 Level 12012753 230101254 34071504 44561753 56042003 67532052 78532501 89033002 99523203 1010013503 Total >64051215028

34 Energy object Health object Ammo object Key: S Powers object

35 The minimum requirements that the user must have to run Enviroman are: 128MB of RAM, 1.4GB or more Processing Power, A Hard Disk with at least 1 or 2 GB to allow for the installation of the game, Windows 98 / XP/Vista Operating System, 32MB graphics card (preferably 64MB), Suitable sound card, Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor. Direct X 6/7+ Note: The above are only recommended, if you exceed these the game play and performance may be improved.

36 What is the overall idea of the game? The idea of the game is you have to go through each of the different levels located over different areas of England. You must collect energy objects to get through each level, face bosses which you come across, fight against CO2 emissions and in general save the world before it is too late. Where does the game take place? Over 25 different locations within England, the first two I have illustrated within this presentation located on the levels slide. These places will include: Manchester, Wales, London… Why produce this game? School’s need to get across to children that sustainability is a big issue within the community. This game would be an interesting way for children to understand a bit about what is happening. What can I do within the game? You shoot different weapons, move around 25 different levels, solve problems that occur, collect energy objects.

37 How many characters can I play with? Only the one, the main character within the game is Enviroman himself. How do I finish the game? You must get through all of the 25 levels to reach the end of the game. Each level will become progressively harder as they get higher. How do I start the game? To play the game you must use the link on the school’s website to open the file containing the game. The game will then show a main menu. After entering the main menu you can then start a new game or change options before doing so. For a more detailed approach view the Quickstart Guide. Will amateur games be able to play this game easily? The game is created for children so wont be overly hard in general. The idea is that the game starts of quite easy then gets harder as you go through all of the levels, so you might just get stuck on higher levels.

38 Reloading Gun shot Explosion Ascot Bar Storm Rain Bracknell Train Stn

39 Getting started. Before you can start playing Enviroman you will need to complete setup and installation so that Enviroman can be played on your computer. Once you have visited the school website which you can see a screenshot of below, click on the Play Enviroman Now button. A dialog box will appear which will allow you to save the file, choose save. Once the file has been downloaded follow the instructions to install the game, once the installer has finished click Play Enviroman Now and the game should start up.

40 Basic controls. The controls to play Enviroman are very easy and very similar to most games elsewhere within the gaming market. Below is a table of the most useful buttons and there actions. Start practising using these to get used to the game, or change some of these within the Options popup within the Main Menu. ControlAction Mouse1Attacking Mouse2Zoom Mouse3Scrolling of items/weapons ESCMain Menu WASD/Arrow keysMovement ShiftWalking CTRLCrouching SpacebarJumping EAction (opening doors etc)

41 “By simply going through each of the slides in the presentation I can get a feel for what the game is about very easily. I am impressed with the visual elements within the presentation but feel the textual content could be improved. The gameplay section could be a bit more specific as to what happens with the character and what he actually does. Overall it’s a very good design concept.” Gabriella Kemp (2008) “I like the game idea and the fact that you can do tasks whilst collecting the energy, it makes it more interesting rather than just collecting energy or just doing specific tasks. I think Aaron could have spent more time on the character designs but other than that, I like it.” Rebecca Palmer (2008)

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