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Electives 2012-13 Dr Connie Wiskin Senior Lecturer Academic Lead – Elective & SSC Zoe Lam - SSC Team: Sheelagh Dougan & Ray Dickson.

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1 Electives 2012-13 Dr Connie Wiskin Senior Lecturer Academic Lead – Elective & SSC Zoe Lam - SSC Team: Sheelagh Dougan & Ray Dickson

2 Fly…be free!

3 On Schedule….. (final times TBC) March 2012Electives Evening October 2012Project & Home Supervisor registration Dec 20121000 word Protocol, heath & safety [risk] and feasibility forms April-May 2013Elective - 5 weeks from 7 of learning activity June 2013Location Supervisor Form Sept 2013Report – 3000 words in a published style October 2013Home supervisor feedback meeting/report.

4 Motivations?

5 eg qualitative or quantitative data collection, audit, service evaluation, personal reflection, anthropological report, literature review etc You can plan your own, unique experience, and this holds the most value Some undertake a ‘taught elective’ offered by another institution, but justification is important… There are elective ‘package tour’ companies, but these are not generally supported (unless there are very special circumstances) It should be an individual project (unless exceptions circumstances are approved) It’s all about Choice

6 Ethics Research Audit Service Evaluation Ethics Student Project Ethics Approval Process R&D/ethical committee (UK and local to host) Professionalism & knowing limitations….

7 Nature of report – the most common error…. You should not attempt ‘reflective’ work unless you actually understand, academically, what it is. It is not a ‘catch all’ for anything you broadly think of as ‘not data collection’! It is not descriptive.

8 Reminder…… The elective may be fun, exciting; challenging; a change from routine, but above all else it is an important learning experience. It is a great opportunity to get something on your CV / FY1 application that will differentiate you from others IT IS A PROGRESSION HURDLE AND MUST BE ACADEMICALLY ROBUST! It is a privilege not given to other students Nick Ross Feb 2008

9 Robust? Properly contextualised, an investigation… Thoroughly referenced (clinical area, demographics, methodologies etc as apply) A relevant subject that is important, and adds to the knowledge base So ask yourself “the point of this is…. WHAT…? before submitting your proposal

10 We are toughening up on this. We can’t (and shouldn’t have to) ‘police’ your every move, but will check for professionalism, credibility, academic robustness etc

11 GMC Goals for SSC a.Learn about and begin to develop and use research and/or lifelong learning skills. b.Have greater control over their own learning and develop their self directed learning skills. c.Study, in depth, topics of particular interest outside the core curriculum. d.Develop greater confidence in their own skills and abilities. e.Present the results of their work verbally, visually or in writing. f.Consider potential career paths.

12 Far flung places…. Stretch you & Expose you to different cultures, specialties and healthcare systems Provide unique encounters (and memories) More shortly from our guests!

13 Nb: While some students do choose to broaden their horizons abroad, there are equally valid reasons for staying in the UK


15 A UK Elective Gill J, Kumar R, Todd J, Wiskin CM. Methicillin-resistent Staphylococcus Aureus: awareness and perceptions. J Hospital Infections 2006; 62 :333-337 -Published 2006 -Quoted in 19 peer reviewed journal articles -Cited 61 times -7 requests (internationally, including USA & Canada) to use the evaluative tool - Journal impact factor 3.18

16 Relevance is important Some experiences are more suited to a UK, European or developing world placement Valid personal or financial criteria may well apply Supporting career decisions may be a factor

17 Supervision Home Clinical or non clinical. Interest, motivation & ability to help you structure a report. Feedback duties. Advice, contacts? Not ideas originators (that’s you!) Supervision Location Professionalism - attendance application, good behaviour, flexibility (that’s you!)


19 Safety First! At risk of being parental PLEASE note the following…. You are intelligent, but not indestructible You may be at risk re, eg, AIDS and Hepatitis Poor/unfamiliar road conditions and rogue transport operators can cost lives The biggest cause of accidents is ‘leisure’ pursuit outside of the clinical environment (these can be fatal)……. SO LOOK AFTER YOU!

20 If problems occur on site We can you responsible for things you’ve not planned well, or should have foreseen We will NOT hold you responsible for the inevitable changes/challenges/barriers that can occur on location If there is a problem, be flexible – what CAN you achieve with what you have? If the political or environmental climate changes and you are not comfortable GET OUT! You are more important than the report!!!

21 Status? SSC: 3,000 word paper/report in the style of a named, published piece (usually individual) Personal & professional opportunity Meeting project landmarks is a requirement for MBChB Graduation Requirements – (1) timely submissions to meet deadlines for all paperwork, (2) a robust protocol, (3) evidenced completion of the Elective and paper/report Sanctions will apply in the event of failure on the above (ranging from withdrawal of financial support to threat to graduation) Additional project work in year 5 Cautionary note – in addition misbehaviour or lack of professionalism on the Elective will be referred to the committee that decide whether to refer for Fitness to Practice

22 Contacts SSC Team – not individual academics please! We have a system! There are standard letters already in place for you (eg ‘from the Dean’, status etc) Ditto information re Bursaries etc.

23 Use the handbook (Read it all!)

24 Bursaries There are School run and External bursaries you can apply for NB School ones total about 30, so they are highly competitive (so be highly original, plan according to your means, and have a B-plan!) Look elsewhere too –and at subject specific opportunities Thoughtless applications represent us poorly, and could result in exclusion for al you apply for internally…. (example)

25 It’s what YOU make it Make sure we know where you are Over to our guest speakers……

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