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Stimulating Knowledge Creation Dr. Elaine Ferneley.

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1 Stimulating Knowledge Creation Dr. Elaine Ferneley

2 Elaine Ferneley Practices & Processes Creating & Discovering n creativity techniques n data & text mining n knowledge elicitation n business simulation, content analysis Sharing & Learning n communities of practice, learning networks n share fairs, share best practice n cross functional teams, action reviews Organizing & Managing n knowledge centres, knowledge audits n expertise profiling, knowledge mapping n measurement of intellectual capital Our focus today

3 Elaine Ferneley Individual Knowledge Drivers nBecome learning organisations:  learning resource centres;  corporate universities. nStimulating working environments; nTime to think; nFacilities for dissemination; nReward and recognition.

4 Elaine Ferneley Tools & Techniques Infrastructure: groupware, intranets, document management, KM suites Thinking: mind mapping, creativity tools Gathering, discovering: search engines, alerting, push, data mining, intelligent agents Organize, store: data warehousing, metadata, XML Knowledge worker support: case based reasoning, decision support, workflow, community support, simulation Application specific: CRM, expertise profiling, competitive intelligence

5 Elaine Ferneley Mind Mapping – For Brainstorming & Knowledge Elicitation nMind Mapping is a technique developed by Tony Buzan to help individuals organise, generate and learn ideas and information nPictorial representation – detail and overview together nConsider spatial relationships and anticipate consequences nSupported by visual processing – improved recall, aids understanding nExplicit representation acts as a creativity trigger

6 Elaine Ferneley Hand Drawn Mind Map

7 Elaine Ferneley Benefits of Mind Maps

8 Elaine Ferneley Why Mind Map Software – the Pro’s and Con’s nSupports continuous refinement nAllows variable granularity nBrings formality (validity?) to the process nIntegration with other tools nCross ref & re-assembly of elements of the knowledge base possible nSlow nHorde mentality (difficult to throw away early versions) nSemantics – in large implementations is the same vocabulary being used nCommon understanding nMaintenance – especially due to the transitory nature of the output

9 Elaine Ferneley Other Simple Elicitation Tools nVisualisation tools:  Mind Map falls into this category;  Themescape;  Umap nIntelligent tools:  Software agents;  Personal digital assistants nAuto-summarize – see Microsoft Word

10 Elaine Ferneley 10% Summary of Assignment (part b) Knowledge Management Individual Assignment – Part 2 Date handed-out: Part b - Monday 11 th March 2002. The Assignment 4 th March 2002 11 th March 2002 post 2 questions on to the KM world discussion forum; KM and life long learning Organik Software Organisational support for life long learning For >40% would expect all questions attempted + ref’d discussion contributions.

11 Elaine Ferneley Aim: introduction to simple knowledge elicitation tools, encourage critical analysis of such tools and techniques, recognition that organisationally they are attractive Summary Electronic support market leader – Mind Map --- high level, continuous refinement, multiple views KM can not be left to serendipity

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