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The Future for Research Careers Careers at Philips: a brief introduction Jan Misker, April 2006, Manchester.

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1 The Future for Research Careers Careers at Philips: a brief introduction Jan Misker, April 2006, Manchester

2 About us (Philips)

3 International and diverse 5 product divisions 60 different businesses Sales and services in 100 countries R&D expenditures of 2.4 billion Euros in 2005 (20,000 R&D) (2000 Researchers, Citation index 1.84) Over 130,000 patents registered 159,000 employees Sales of over 30,4 billion Euros in 2005

4 What Business we are in Medical SystemsDomestic Appliances Consumer ElectronicsLighting OthersSemiconductors

5 Alliances Our Way of Working will influence what we expect from You

6 University Relations University relations are embedded in the organization –Internships (hundreds) (~900 in Europe) –Joint (PhD) projects (~ 100) ( –Part time professors (~ 50) –Affiliate programs –Joint research projects –Courses / lectures from Philips experts, –Conferences, Seminars, Workshops –Industry days at universities –Awards –Special events

7 What in Europe

8 Research in Europe Barcelona objective –R&D expenditure in the EU from 1.9% > 3% of GDP (4000 additional jobs) Make Europe stronger –Building Competence Centres, Concentrations, Alliances –Utilization of Research results will be key Key issue for Researchers –Mobility, Flexibility, Innovation, Performance –Make being a researcher a profession

9 Research in Europe European industry competes based on world-class R&D Innovations are increasingly cross-disciplinary Researchers operate in knowledge networks New technologies increasingly require partnerships More demanding jobs for professional staff Value chain integration

10 About You

11 Researchers in Europe Researcher as a profession ?! –A researcher forever? –Compare it with an electrician or plumber –Take responsibility for your own employability You –Build a solid basis now –Develop yourselves in other roles –Start thinking about a personal road map –. –There is more …

12 Researchers in Europe 3% GDP, why do want people to spend money on you? –Make the results visible –Develop initiatives in Research, Innovation, Technology transfer, Business development, Alliances, Management etc Being a Researcher –Build on Utilization of research results –Learn to cooperate in knowledge networks –Develop leaderships and functional competences

13 Researchers in Europe Research world will be more competitive –Performance management will be applied –Be fit and prepare for change Researchers at Philips –Researcher are encouraged to take business initiatives (incubators) –Researchers work in international projects –Change content (so now and then) Research after 4-5 year in a new domain –Personal development plans –Education centres –Managers with a Research background are needed throughout the company (in other roles)

14 Development Performance Management Performance review and planning Development and career planning Feedback during the year Learning programs

15 Needed skills and competences Leaderships Competences –Shows Determination to Achieve Excellent Results –Focuses on the Market –Finds Better Ways –Demands Top Performance –Inspires Commitment –Develops Self and Others Functional Competences –Knowledge Management –Creativity and Innovation –Problem Solving –Architecture Style Thinking –Influence Business Direction –Personal Effectiveness

16 The people industry is looking for

17 Research for research and areas like: Marketing and Sales Finance Technology Legal Supply management / purchasing Supply chain management Human resources ICT

18 No matter which area, you’ll be touching peoples lives

19 Marketing and Sales Anticipate consumers’ needs and identify products to meet them Product manager “I led the development of HeartStart from concept to production. It was my job to make Sure HeartStart meets market needs and to develop a strategic roadmap to get it to consumers on time.” Marketing manager (national sales organisation) "I assisted the product manager in collecting regional market intelligence and led the sales introduction in our sales team."

20 Finance Support our strategic decision-making and measure financial performance Business analyst “Finance is a partner to the business. Through my understanding of the market, I helped define a viable business case for HeartStart.” Controller “I help control the costs at every step, so we can produce HeartStart as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. HeartStart can’t help people if they can’t afford it or we can’t afford to make it.”

21 Technology Create innovative products that are easy for everyone to use Application specialist “Using my experience in the medical domain, I guide the product specs, carry out preliminary evaluation – in fact everything up to supporting the sales staff. I focus on what the user wants.” Development engineer “I’m responsible for the electronic hardware in HeartStart. I made the prototype and led the testing. I had to think about safety aspects and how the defibrillator could be manufactured.”

22 Legal Protect our intellectual property, ensure we meet statutory requirements, advise on alliances and partnerships Lawyer “A product like HeartStart has a lot of legal implications. So I’ve been closely involved with the project throughout – from concept and market positioning to development and roll out.” IP attorney “Patents help fund and stimulate innovation. I was responsible for protecting our innovations with patents and checking HeartStart didn’t infringe anybody else’s IP rights.”

23 Supply management / purchasing Work with supply partners to create value for Philips through consolidated global, competitive sourcing of finished products, components and materials Initial buyer “Working in multi-disciplinary teams, I am responsible for purchasing the HeartStart components which enable an affordable and 100% reliable product. I am responsible for global supplier selection and negotiating these vital contracts.” Strategic purchaser “I develop and deploy Philips-wide commodity strategies and strategic relationships with our main suppliers. I work at a global level, helping Philips divisions leverage their combined purchasing power and get the most from their suppliers – including partnership on innovative products like HeartStart.”

24 Supply chain management Manage the flow of goods and information along the chain linking our suppliers and our customers Demand planner “It’s my job to manage inventory and delivery, making sure we never have too many or too few HeartStarts and components. After all, HeartStart can’t do anybody any good if we don’t get it to the consumers reliably.” Quality manager Black-belt “With my cross-functional team, I aim to improve our products and services. I found out what users want from HeartStart and work out how we can best deliver that.”

25 Human resources Recruit the teams that bring products to life Recruiter “By recruiting the best people, I made sure we had the right team to create HeartStart.” HR manager “By taking care of the career development of the individual employees, I helped them develop within the organization.”

26 ICT Enable efficient business processes for all stages of a product’s life cycle Business consultant SAP “I set up and refine all the supply and demand planning processes. Better planning gets HeartStart to market quicker and at a lower price.” IT Manager “Good IT synthesizes 3 elements - Computers, software and services. I combine these three elements to make sure designing, iImplementing, and managing World-Class Infrastructures gets done in a proper way. Other, non-ITpeople can commit themselves to their core responsibilities instead of dealing constantly with administrative and other responsibilities.”

27 >> about Philips >> businesses


29 MC^2 Marie Curie Conference Manchester serSite.FP6ShowEvent&event_id=690

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